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Conversations with church leaders on building a remarkable team and cultivating a healthy culture.
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Insights and strategies for church leaders

One of the biggest challenges for church leaders today is knowing how to stay relevant and make a kingdom impact in our current cultural moment.

That makes building your remarkable team and cultivating a healthy culture as important as ever.

Tune in with host and Slingshot CEO Tim Foot as he dives into practical conversations with top church leaders to explore the best strategies, insights, and solutions for building your remarkable team.


Latest Episodes

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Larry Osborne — Leading the Church in Our Current Cultural Context

In a culture that seems to be getting darker and more divided by the moment, what does it look like to follow Jesus every day? How do you overcome [...]

Nancy & Samantha Beach — Boomers and Millennials Healing Church Dysfunction

How do you stay hopeful for the future of the church when so many people are leaving due to hurt, disappointment, and woundedness? Join the conversation [...]

Robby Gallaty — Suffering, Silence, and Listening for Revival

How do you tune your ear to hear the Holy Spirit? In this riveting episode, you’ll hear from Robby Gallaty—pastor of Long Hollow Church in Tennessee [...]

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