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Executive Search
Find the leaders and pastors you’re looking for by leveraging our network of candidates.
Specialized Search
Build your remarkable team through our mission-first approach and commitment to see your placement through.
Discover succession made simple with a proven process that guides your church into its future.
Nationwide Network
Get access to candidates you won’t find on your own as our team searches for your team.
Equip your team to love what they do, reach their full potential, and increase your mission impact.
Get your new hires off to a great start by setting them up for success starting on day one.
Interactive Workshops
Gather your core team in a guided workshop to find solutions to your most complex challenges.
Staffing Assessments
Gain insights into your staffing needs and opportunities so you can build your best team.
Compensation Consultants
Navigate the complexities of staff compensation so you can attract and retain the right people.

Build Your Remarkable Team

Whether you’re looking to hire your next leader or unleash your team’s potential, Slingshot Group will help you build the best team you’ve ever had through staffing and coaching.

Let our nationwide network and our team of ministry practitioners and coaches slingshot your organization forward.

  • "I could not manage the workload or stress of conducting a search using my own resources and networks. After some disappointment working with some other search firms, I turned to slingshot. And that was the smartest leadership decision I’ve made in a while. From their process to candidate presentation, they have been remarkable to work with."

    Chuck Angel

    Turning Point Community Church

  • "Using Slingshot in the search for a high level leader allowed us to assess only candidates who had a high chance of being a fit. Being able to hand off running an entire search to someone I trusted made it possible to find the right candidate without having the search consume all of my time and cost me effectiveness in other areas."

    Karen Berge

    Flatirons Community Church

  • "We were able to sit back and go about doing ministry while Slingshot was searching, vetting and matching the right candidates for us. I highly recommend utilizing Slingshot to assist you in finding the right people for your church to accomplish God's vision in your church."

    Chad Fletcher

    London Bridge Baptist Church

  • "We contacted Slingshot middle of March and by the end of August we had our next Lead Pastor. The level of candidates we were able to interview was incredible. We had 3 or 4 guys that we really liked. It was difficult to choose, but with the direction of our liaison, the process was simple and our #1 candidate evolved. I would highly recommend Slingshot to anyone who is looking to add a staff. They listened to our needs and provided great direction!"

    KJ Kendall

    Red Rock

  • "As a diverse (in all aspects - Jesus centered, inclusive, practical) urban community, we sought a candidate we knew wouldn't be in traditional evangelical pastoral search networks. We took a risk that Slingshot could access the type of leader we needed and are pleased with the result."

    Jim Schroeder

    Mosaic Philadelphia

  • "Slingshot listened and delivered! From our first discussion to our hire, Slingshot provided excellent communication and support. The initial legwork provided to search out and vet candidates was invaluable to our team!"

    Mark Seekins

    Verde Community

  • "Our experience with Slingshot has been incredible. The service, process and thoughtfulness to what we were trying to accomplish through the hiring of two new staff members was second to none. I would highly recommend Slingshot to any church that is making a critical hire."

    John Lero

    Journey Christian Church

  • "In our search for a Children's Pastor, we kept running into dead ends. After we started our partnership with Slingshot not only did the process speed up for us quite a bit, but we were also able to more clearly define and articulate our needs for the future. Our Slingshot representative didn't just plug us into a system. He worked hard to understand our culture and find the right fit."

    Jake Krahn

    New Life Church

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