WE Know People.

Slingshot your ministry forward by expanding your network of talented candidates
and unleashing your team’s potential.

Ministry practitioners 
set us apart.

If you were seeking medical advice, you’d look to an experienced physician. In the same way, you want someone who has actually served in ministry to be the one staffing and coaching your team. Every member of our team has ministry experience. We’ve been where you are, so we know exactly what it takes to hire great staff.

know people who know you.

Our passion is serving churches and Christian nonprofits. We don’t just give you a standard, corporate solution. 

Instead, we get to know your leadership and the community you serve, and build a personalized plan just for you.


placement guaranteed

We guarantee placement of staff with no time constraints and will even coach your team along the way. We’re committed to finding the right person for the job—even for positions that may require more time to find the perfect fit.

Staff Engagement

When people get to live out their purpose through their job, they’re more committed to their work. From culture fit in the hiring process—to coaching—we ensure you get the best from your team.


With the right team of people pursuing their calling, your ministry will gain momentum while living out its mission.


When you choose Slingshot as your partner in ministry, we’re with you for the long haul. Because relationships are in our DNA, we never view a search or coaching as a one-time engagement.

Don’t take our word for it.


Your remarkable team is waiting.

Slingshot Group builds remarkable teams through staffing and coaching.  

Our people and our process set us apart. Our nationwide network and team of ministry practitioners will help you find the talented candidates you’re looking for—and coach them to reach their full potential. 


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