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Case Studies

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Visalia Rescue Mission: Navigating A Successful Succession Journey

The weight and potential implications of a succession season can bring a mirage of emotions and tactical questions. There are a million things to consider, and your organization is in a vulnerable position. Where do you begin?

Take a look at this 5 minute video recounting our journey with Jason and Visalia Rescue Mission as they navigated their Executive Director succession journey.

If your organization is in or preparing for a season of succession, don’t go it alone! Schedule a Discovery Call and allow us to sit with you as you consider the best path ahead.

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A Staffing Story: When Hiring Gets Messy

Visioneering Studios turned to Slingshot for help finding their next brand strategist. But hiring didn’t go as planned.

Learn how Slingshot leaned in to help Visioneering navigate a challenging hiring process from start to finish—and land on a great leader who’s helping move their mission forward.

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From Marketplace to Ministry: Seth's Story

Seth had no experience in ministry. But he knew he wanted to be where he was making an eternal impact and helping people discover freedom and be saved.

Here’s how Slingshot helped him find his perfect fit in ministry and land his dream job after leaving his career with a top NCAA college football team. 

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Christ Fellowship’s Succession Story

For 25 years, Pastor Rick Blackwood watched God grow Christ Fellowship Church. But after starting cancer treatment, Rick realized it was time to find a new senior pastor to lead the church into its next chapter.

Here’s how Slingshot helped Pastor Rick and his team find the most qualified candidate in an unexpected place.

Video Series

Team Culture – The Engine That Drives Everything

In this 5-episode series, you’ll discover the ingredients you need to build a brilliant, healthy culture that attracts and retains top leaders for your ministry staff team—while increasing your organization’s impact, influence, and productivity.

We Put People in Their Place

Onboarding doesn’t have to be boring. This fun series is full of top tips for welcoming your new hire.

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