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Brian Taylor

As most of our nation moves home to work … here are 19 things I have learned in working from home for the past 5 years.  Outline this [...]


Tim Foot

5 PRACTICAL WAYS TO LEAD YOUR TEAM Times of uncertainty are when people look to leadership the most. These can also be the most testing times [...]

Everything Has Changed

Brooke Hodnefield

Rather than some pithy intro to a blog post, I would simply like to give 10 suggestions of ways churches and student ministries can adjust [...]

Tool, Talent, or Treasure? The Key to Keeping Talented Staff on Your Team

Tim Foot

As an executive leader of one of the largest staffing companies in the church and non-profit space, I’ve learned some key things about people [...]

Check 1, 2…Is This Thing On?

Brian Taylor

Soundcheck is a familiar time for most of us. A room that was once eerily quiet has now been filled with the sounds of people chatting and [...]

First In, First Out

Matt Wright

There are those among us who seem to just be born with a high level of grit. They don’t stop until the task is done. They could be a number-crunching [...]

Five Musts Leading into 2019

Tim Foot

A new calendar year provides an opportunistic and important time to lead splendiferously. The following are three powerful questions to ask [...]

How to survive a TGIF (Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook) Christmas

Todd Clark

Will your kids send you links when you ask them for a Christmas list this year? Do you ever call someone on the phone and in return they text [...]

Maximize the Holiday Season

Todd Clark

The holidays bring exceptional opportunity for churches and organizations: 29% more people attend church during the Christmas season (Source: [...]

7 Steps to Loving Your Work

Brian Taylor

There is a universal, spiritual, upside-down, culture clashing, reality that when approaching anything in life, the high road (the Jesus road) [...]

Creative Compensation in Attracting Next Level Staff

Tim Foot

These days, recruiting and retaining next level people on your staff requires more creativity than ever. After over a decade of providing [...]

Preparing for What’s Next Before You Need To

Brooke Hodnefield

The best time to prepare for an earthquake or storm is before the calamity hits! Similarly, as a person in ministry, the best time for you [...]