Where Have the High Schoolers Gone?

Mowing my lawn. Grocery shopping. Filling the gas tank. These are all tasks I perform on a weekly basis. But here’s a new regularly occurring task I’ve recently added: handling calls from concerned lead, executive, or youth pastors troubled by the declining numbers in their youth group. We’ve greatly underestimated the pandemic’s impact on pre-teens […]

Kevin Queen – Intimacy Over Impact

Prioritizing Intimacy Over Impact Ministry burnout: We’ve all been there, or at least at the brink of it, when the pace and demands of ministry work feel like too much. But here’s the thing: Church leaders aren’t getting burned out because they’re spending too much time in prayer or in God’s Word. They’re getting burned […]

Moving From Management to Leadership

If you’re looking to cultivate a healthy team, look no further than the mirror; a healthy team starts with a healthy leader. But how do you know if you’re a healthy leader?  The first step to becoming a healthy leader is being able to lead yourself, according to Matt Tresidder, CEO and co-founder of Leadr, […]

How to Manage Your Time Like Jesus

The world is full of time management tools: books, planners, apps, programs, you name it. The abundance of these tools points to our culture’s increasing desire to be more productive with our time, but the stress remains. Church and nonprofit leaders in particular are constantly reporting feeling swamped and overwhelmed. So how can we find […]

How to survive a TGIF (Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook) Christmas

Will your kids send you links when you ask them for a Christmas list this year? Do you ever call someone on the phone and in return they text you back? Do you ever feel like your smartphone is vibrating in your pocket, even when the phone is not in your pocket? The way you answer […]

Five Musts Leading into 2019

A new calendar year provides an opportunistic and important time to lead splendiferously. The following are three powerful questions to ask yourself, followed by five ways to lead well into 2019. What would make 2019 a successful year? How will 2019 results be different than years prior? What personal rhythms will help you be the […]