How to Become AI Ready

Have you ever heard of FOLO? It’s one of the main reasons people – especially in ministry – avoid using AI.  FOLO stands for fear of looming obsolescence. You’ve probably heard this play out in comments like, “AI is going to take all our jobs,” and “AI will do all our work for us.” But […]

When to Promote From Within… and Top Mistakes to Avoid

The right hire is getting harder to find. With nearly 10 million job openings, it’s a candidate’s job market.  That’s why it’s important to assess when to hire from the outside—and when to promote from within your own organization. If you have an internal candidate willing to step up to the challenge, then promoting from […]

Need to Hire? First, Look Within

5 Critical Components to Successful Staff Transitions Churches, like all organizations, depend upon a capable and dedicated staff to achieve their mission.  Over time, one or more key staff members will inevitably retire or resign, leaving many church leaders scrambling to find a replacement. That is no easy task in today’s seeker-skewed job market.  So […]

Onboarding Done Right

Smart church leaders are laser-focused on team health and employee retention.  In a landscape of shifting church attendance, tenuous budgets, and an unprecedented number of resignations and retirements, most churches are inevitably experiencing staffing changes in 2022.  Recruiting, screening, and hiring new employees is expensive. And for employees picking up the slack, the lost productivity […]

9 Smart Strategies to Keep Your Church Fully Staffed

It’s tough for churches to compete in today’s “seeker-friendly” job market. Some churches may be finding it even more difficult to keep the staff they already have. As I shared in a July 2022 post on, the quit rate among churches is alarmingly high. Barna Group’s 2022 Pastor Survey Data shows that, within the […]

Where Did My Staff Go?

Top 3 Hidden Reasons Church Employees Look for New Jobs The local church should be the best place on the planet to work, right?  Sure, the pay’s a little less competitive as compared to other employment sectors, but the intangibles are outstanding. Church staffers share a common purpose, enjoy their colleagues, and derive great satisfaction […]

Willow Creek Association: Passing the Baton

We are excited to announce that on April 3rd, the Board of Directors of the Willow Creek Association introduced Tom De Vries as their incoming President & CEO, succeeding Gary Schwammlein. This transition is the culmination of a comprehensive national search led by Neal Joseph, lead associate for Slingshot’s nonprofit division. Schwammlein joined the WCA in […]

Top 7 MISHAPS in Recruiting

Growing churches are always in recruitment mode. Healthy churches are led by healthy teams who love their work. But how do you recruit the best people to add to your team? There are several things you can do to help, including partnering with Slingshot Group.   Here are 7 mishaps many leaders are guilty of […]

Creative Compensation in Attracting Next Level Staff

These days, recruiting and retaining next level people on your staff requires more creativity than ever. After over a decade of providing staffing services for the local church, we’ve discovered some “out of the box” ways to recruit your dream staff beyond the predictable compensation plans that are most common to the local church.   […]

Tool, Talent, or Treasure? The Key to Keeping Talented Staff on Your Team

As an executive leader of one of the largest staffing companies in the church and non-profit space, I’ve learned some key things about people and why they are dissatisfied with their work. Speaking with transitioning employees is what we do, and it may surprise you why most people decide to leave their current job for […]