9 Smart Strategies to Keep Your Church Fully Staffed

It’s tough for churches to compete in today’s “seeker-friendly” job market. Some churches may be finding it even more difficult to keep the staff they already have. As I shared in a July 2022 post on, the quit rate among churches is alarmingly high. Barna Group’s 2022 Pastor Survey Data shows that, within the […]

Where Did My Staff Go?

Top 3 Hidden Reasons Church Employees Look for New Jobs The local church should be the best place on the planet to work, right?  Sure, the pay’s a little less competitive as compared to other employment sectors, but the intangibles are outstanding. Church staffers share a common purpose, enjoy their colleagues, and derive great satisfaction […]

Preparing for What’s Next Before You Need To

The best time to prepare for an earthquake or storm is before the calamity hits! Similarly, as a person in ministry, the best time for you to prepare for what’s next is when there is actually not a need. Prepare for the next position while you’re happy in your current role. A change in church […]