John Luzadder


John Luzadder has spent the last ten years serving hundreds of churches across the country. He is a part of a team of people who create and lead engaging student and youth minister events. Working with churches of different shapes and sizes, has given John the opportunity to see the church at work in very different contexts. He is charged with the belief that all are capable of using their gifts, talents, and abilities to love and serve others for the sake of the Gospel. His years in youth ministry have allowed him to see that Jesus calls students to be more than good kids; He calls them to be Kingdom workers. John is looking forward to adding his expertise to the Student Team at Slingshot Group. John and his wife Michelle live in Webb City, MO with their sons Atticus, Silas, and Zeke, where he works as the Senior Director of Summer Events and Trips at Christ In Youth (CIY).