Moving From Management to Leadership

If you’re looking to cultivate a healthy team, look no further than the mirror; a healthy team starts with a healthy leader. But how do you know if you’re a healthy leader?  The first step to becoming a healthy leader is being able to lead yourself, according to Matt Tresidder, CEO and co-founder of Leadr, […]

How to Manage Your Time Like Jesus

The world is full of time management tools: books, planners, apps, programs, you name it. The abundance of these tools points to our culture’s increasing desire to be more productive with our time, but the stress remains. Church and nonprofit leaders in particular are constantly reporting feeling swamped and overwhelmed. So how can we find […]

How to Become AI Ready

Have you ever heard of FOLO? It’s one of the main reasons people – especially in ministry – avoid using AI.  FOLO stands for fear of looming obsolescence. You’ve probably heard this play out in comments like, “AI is going to take all our jobs,” and “AI will do all our work for us.” But […]

The Math Behind A Vision For Multi-Site

I’m really good at math but I don’t enjoy it. In ministry, most everything we implement boils down to simple math. For example, if you want 500 people in small groups, you’ll need 50 small group leaders. If you want to take 100 junior high kids to camp, you’ll need 10 youth leaders (and a […]

The Power of “Me Too”

We all find ourselves in a defining moment in our culture, summed up by the simple phrase, “Me Too.” I’ve been reflecting on the magnificent power of those two, tiny words. When another human being looks us in the eye and says, “Me Too,” we no longer feel so alone. We feel understood, validated, and […]