Staffing for Churches and Nonprofits

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Staffing Done Right

We know what it takes to hire good people. Every one of our associates has ministry experience. From church leaders to nonprofit executives, our team has been where you are.

Let’s find you the leaders you’re looking for.

Case Studies

Watch the success stories of churches, organizations, and candidates we’ve served.

What Makes Our Staffing Process Unique

Transparent Service Fees

When you hire a great team member, you win—and we win too. That’s why our approach is different from the rest. All of our staffing service fees are transparent, so you know what to expect up front.

We See Your Placement Through

When we partner with you on staffing, there’s no candidate or time limit. If your placed candidate leaves within a year, we’ll re-engage and find another candidate at no additional cost to you. Because that’s what partners do.

Our Experience

Every associate on our team has experience serving in churches, marketplaces, or nonprofits. We’ve been where you are, and we know what it takes to hire the right people.

Coaching Is Just Part of Who We Are

Throughout the staffing engagement, we’ll coach your team along the way. We can’t help it, it’s just who we are.

Our Staffing Process

Digital Tools for Faster Search

Never touch a paper resume again. Our candidate search tool provides all the information you need in an easy-to-navigate digital format.

  • Interactive Knowledge Base
  • Easy-to-Share Profiles
  • Candidate Assessments
  • Video Introductions

Hiring is Just the Beginning

Help your new staff members get off to a great start.

Our Launch: The First 90 Days coaching will equip your new hires with the skills and understanding they need to bring value to your ministry or organization right from day one.

Backed by science, tried-and-true practices from the corporate world, and Slingshot Group’s years of experience in staffing and coaching, The First 90 Days coaching centers around three master skills that fast-track your new staff members to learn, lead, and leverage in their new roles.