Mike Goldsworthy partners with Slingshot as a Staffing and Coaching Associate for Senior Leaders. For 19 years, Mike served on staff with Parkcrest Christian Church in Long Beach, CA. The last 11 of those years, he served as the Lead Pastor, transitioning the church towards multiplication models of church planting and discipleship communities, while also shifting a largely homogenous church towards more diversity, helping to create experiences for the church to live in the biblical tension of unity in the midst of diversity.

Currently, in addition to teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Ministry and Bible at Hope International University, he helps churches and church leaders engage with nuance and thoughtfulness in difficult conversations that they are often not having. He guides and mentors individuals as they walk through transitions of deconstruction and reconstruction of their faith. He also works with churches and leaders who are finding new ways for the church to move forward in post-evangelical realities.

With his MA in Transformational Leadership, Mike sees leadership as something beyond just systems and structures, but as an investment in the growth of both individuals and teams to become who God designed and created them to be.

He and his wife Allison have been married for 20 years, with two teenage children. In the summers, you will often find them hiking, biking and camping together.