Eric Voris has spent 16 years serving the local church as a kids and students pastor, and has an immense passion to see the next generation (and the leaders that serve them) thrive in their walks with Jesus. For eight of those years, he served on the Development Team at a multi-site church with 35,000 people across 11 campuses (Christ’s Church of the Valley), providing content and leadership to kids and student pastors at the campus level.

Eric brings a unique blend of analytical thinking, love for people, and ever-present humor to his role at Slingshot, working tirelessly to ensure the right people land at the right churches. He loves to help pastors love their jobs and thrive at their churches so they can ultimately help kids and students love Jesus and change the world.

Eric lives with his wife and three hilarious kids in the Phoenix area, where they constantly seek ways to get into the outdoors. If he’s not working with pastors or churches, he’s probably miles into the backcountry hunting and enjoying a bit of solitude with God.