Dan Lovaglia is known for his probing questions, discerning perspective, and creative spin on life and ministry. For over 20 years, he’s served in various pastoral and non-profit leadership roles in ministries of all shapes, sizes, and influence. His passion for Christ and disciple-making community is evident in the way he engages people relationally through networking, training, and coaching. As a NextGen associate at Slingshot, Dan loves inspiring churches and leaders to take their NextGen ministries to the next level. As a California kid from a fractured home and far from faith, God leveraged a revolutionary children’s ministry and church family to transform Dan’s discipleship trajectory. He went on to get a BA in Youth Ministry from Moody Bible Institute and MA in Evangelism and Spiritual Formation from Wheaton College Graduate School. Now, the author of Relational Children’s Ministry: Turning Kid-Influencers into Lifelong Disciple Makers, Dan leverages firsthand ministry experiences—particularly his seasons at Willow Creek Community Church and Awana—to build into kid-influencers and churches nationwide. When Dan isn’t out in the world as a ministry catalyst and leadership consultant, he’s at home in Chicago’s northwest suburbs with his Canadian wife cheering on the Cubs. It doesn’t take long to discover that he’s always game for a stellar cup of coffee or to hunt down some rare local fare. 

You can follow Dan’s adventures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @DanLovaglia.