Andy Frank


With over 23 years of leadership as a worship pastor and executive level leader in both single and multi-campus churches from 800 to 36,000, Andy has gained a unique ability to relationally connect with pastors and churches across generational, cultural and denominational lines both in the US and internationally.  As an Associate within the Experience Division, Andy is committed to serving with a pastor’s heart by helping leaders discover clarity, missional effectiveness and joy in their work and calling.  He is a gifted musician, creative, communicator, coach, and team-builder with a contagious energy and an intentional Kingdom lens by which he chooses to see culture and our unique role in the story God is writing.  He has served at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, AZ since 2005 where he is actively involved in the worship ministry and leading a neighborhood (small) group in his home.

In addition to serving the local Church, Andy takes interest in real estate, remodeling, woodworking, hunting and all things outdoors & sports. However, nothing brings him more joy than creating memories with his wife, Jobey, and their two teenaged daughters, Bella and Lily.