VP of Mobilization


Why I Love This Opportunity

Toni McEwan

Senior Associate

The culture at YouthWorks is fun, hard-working, servant-minded, youthful, and Spirit-led. Everyone at YouthWorks is passionate about service and impacting the needs of local communities all around the country. If you are someone who passionately lives out the commandments of Loving God and Loving Others, then this might be the opportunity for you!

About This Organization

YouthWorks provides Christ-centered mission trips and service opportunities for thousands of teenagers and adult leaders in communities across the U.S. and beyond. We believe that these kinds of mission trip experiences positively impact the communities we partner with, the teenagers who are stretched and challenged through a week of service, and the adult leaders who build mission trips into the ongoing discipleship of their teenagers.

Position Description

YouthWorks is looking for an accomplished leader to join our Executive Leadership team as they focus on the next season of growth – expanding service opportunities for the core demographic (Ages 6-25). The VP of Mobilization will report to the YouthWorks President and be responsible for leading the Mobilization team (Sales and Marketing) to drive customer registrations and seasonal staff recruitment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Demand Generation – Lead the arch of the vision, strategy, and execution of all marketing/sales and staff recruitment initiatives in support of each present and future YW product
  • Market/Persona Intelligence – Lead all market mapping, competitive analysis, and persona development for both existing and future products
  • Product/Growth Innovation – Work as part of the Executive leadership team to understand the unmet needs represented in existing and potential core customer demographics and work with the product team to develop solutions
  • Change Management – Lead interdepartmental communication and provide overall management and accountability within the YouthWorks organization alongside the Executive Leadership team
  • Pipeline Architecture and Accountability – Lead the development of each customer/staff pipeline, manage its progress, and hold the mobilization team accountable for the results
  • Thought Leadership Development – Curate a team of thought leaders from both inside and outside the organization to create multi-channel marketing assets and lead generation opportunities
  • Strategic Partnerships – Lead the efforts in strategic partnership development aimed at the rapid growth in new and existing markets

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • You genuinely resonate with and embody the core values and identify the core focus to love God and love neighbor
  • You believe having FUN is essential to building a productive and successful work environment
  • You imagine new possibilities and pursue them at an aggressive pace
  • You naturally and quickly sense which ideas have energy and could make the strongest impact in line with our core values and organizational priorities
  • You instinctually connect the dots between the realities of the present and the possibilities of the future
  • You understand how to bring a concept to life and craft an inspiring vision to win over a team, other departments, and customers or partners


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