Summit Church

Worship Pastor



About This Organization

Summit Church was founded in 1948 as the First Assembly of God. The founders started construction on the first building in 1952. In the late 90’s, the church knew that God was calling them to be a “sending church” that would send ministers & missionaries all over the world. They knew that the current facility wouldn’t be sufficient to hold the people God would send, so they began construction on a new facility in 2002. In 2003, they had their first service in their new building, which had around 75 people. The next pastor led the church through an incredible season of growth & helped the church to get to around 500 before he stepped down in 2013. The church’s name was changed in 2011 to reflect a less traditional approach than the previous name would reflect.

In 2014, Mel and Kim Masengale moved to Indiana to lead Summit Church. Since then, the church has added two other locations, doubled the size of the Indiana campus building, and almost tripled weekend attendance. Summit Church is a leader in the region and has established itself as a friend to other churches and pastors.

Position Description

The Worship Pastor at Summit Church will oversee the worship department. This includes all the volunteer teams and leaders.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Leading spirit-led, engaging worship
  • Pastoring and discipling the worship team
  • Developing musicians, singers, and worship leaders

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