VP of Development



Why I Love This Opportunity

The VP of Development has an amazing opportunity to contribute to the overall growth and reputation of Workmatters at the intersection of faith and work from a marketplace perspective. Workmatters is uniquely positioned as one of the few faith and work organizations across the US offering practical and actionable resources for Executive leaders and their teams. The primary focus of this Development opportunity is championing the belief that God has uniquely created each person to make an impact in their work.

About This Organization

For almost 20 years, Workmatters has been walking with Christians in every corner of the marketplace as they close the gap between their faith and work.

The Workmatters team is a group of professionals and practitioners. They come from various backgrounds in business, retail, design, marketing, entertainment, government, education, and nonprofits. And what they all have in common is experience integrating their faith and work—a deep desire to uncover deep meaning and recapture God’s intended purpose for work not just for themselves, but for others.

Today, Workmatters is passionate about encouraging and resourcing people at the intersection of work and faith through the Workmatters Institute, the annual Workmatters conference, one-on-one relationships, and on-demand resources. They have equipped over 1 million Christian leaders who want to integrate their faith and work across northwest Arkansas, the US, and the world. And they are working hard towards their vision to transform the workplace by equipping Christian leaders to integrate their faith and work.

Position Description

The VP of Development will be responsible for resourcing Workmatters’ next chapter of influential growth. They will be an experienced development leader who joins the leadership team with passion for the mission, the ability to become a significant external face of the organization, a desire to grow the brand, and the ability to develop relationships with existing and new donors. They will also champion Workmatters on a national scale while yielding major donations across the US.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The VP of Development will play a key role in implementing the new vision and overall strategy of Workmatters.
  • The VP of Development will lead the way in designing, shaping, and mobilizing the Development strategy at Workmatters-including new processes, systems, and tools.
  • The VP of Development will create sustainable opportunities for more donors to get behind the mission of Workmatters-including new partnerships, new donors, and new funding streams.
  • The VP of Development will join in on the cusp of creating more diverse and inclusive spaces to live out faith in the workplace in practical and actionable ways.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

The ideal candidate will be:

  • A HUMBLE-STEWARD. A person of high integrity in stewarding donor relationships with consistency and care and a humble, others-centered approach to living a gospel-filled life.
  • A PASSIONATE-CHAMPION. Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who cares deeply about the mission and about helping marketplace executives and leaders integrate their faith and work.
  • EMOTIONALLY-INTELLIGENT. A highly intuitive, wise, and discerning leader who listens well while sensing how best to approach conversations or situations with people as they interact in the marketplace community.
  • A STRATEGIC-THINKER. Someone who sees donor relationships as an art form and fundraising as a science and can build upon the current infrastructure to support various funding sources while developing a new strategy for funding growth.
  • A SOLUTION-SEEKER. A creative and innovative problem-solver who can properly balance marketplace excellence and nonprofit experience to find the most resourceful solutions.
  • COMMUNITY-ORIENTED. Someone who connects relationally and collaboratively with people and organizations. An individual who interacts confidently and credibly with marketplace executives from a place of equitable business stature. A strong dot-connector and cultivator of relationships.

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