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Director of Marketing



Why I Love This Opportunity

Toni McEwan

Senior Associate

Upper House’s passion for hospitality and serving the Madison community is evident in all that they do. The leadership and staff live by a compelling vision to serve the community while at the intersection of curiosity for academics, faculty, students, pastors, and business leaders to convene in one place. This opportunity is perfect for a marketing leader with a passion for demonstrating the powerful testimony of Jesus to the next generation at a leading University.

About This Organization

Upper House is a CENTER for Christian study and practice at
the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a center for Christian gathering and learning in a university setting, we explore ideas, acknowledge complexity, and support growth in Christian thinking, being, and doing.

The Stephen & Laurel Brown Foundation was incorporated in 2013. The Foundation’s initiative, Upper House, was launched in January 2015. Since its inception, Upper House has welcomed nearly 425,000 in-person guests from all walks of life.

Based in University Square, Upper House provides multi-experiential space and programming expertise, where people, faith and values, ideas, and the arts come together in a dynamic environment that fosters vocational, intellectual, spiritual, and cultural formation.

Position Description

The Director of Marketing will serve as the brand visionary/champion for the organization. Working closely with the Executive Director and the team as a whole, this leader will inspire, embody, and translate the next horizon of Upper House’s brand and communication philosophy and strategy.

Key Responsibilities:

The Director of Marketing will bring brand, marketing, and communication leadership and oversight in four broad areas of the Foundation’s work:

  • Brand, Marketing, and Communications Innovation
  • Brand, Marketing, and Communications Stewardship
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Brand and Communications Empowerment

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ that extends to all dimensions of life
  • High level of spiritual maturity and affirms the Upper House Statement of Faith
  • Demonstrated record of marketing experience in a creative brand-led organization or within a marketing/brand agency to bridge the marketing, brand, and communication needs of the organization with its academic, theological, and marketplace commitments
  • Experience in leading and equipping a team of talented creators
  • Collaborative approach and expertise in partnering with diverse stakeholder groups
  • Deep intellectual curiosity and passion for connecting Scripture and theology to the scholarly and professional pursuits of core audiences

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