Thornapple Valley Church

Central Pastor of Worship Arts



Why I Love This Opportunity

Brian Nelson


I love this job because Thornapple Valley Church (TVC) is on the move. The church is on fire and looking to add an amazing worship pastor to their staff. They’ve seen hundreds of baptisms in recent years and recently hired a new Senior Pastor, Keith Brown. He is a driven leader who is passionate about reaching the lost and doing things with excellence.
They are looking for someone to take on a worship leadership role at their main campus. This church loves to rock, loves to have fun, loves work, and loves to connect people with God. Whoever takes this position will have a very promising opportunity in front of them. Keep reading and learn more!

About This Organization

Thornapple Valley Church is incredible! Walking into their Hastings campus in Michigan, it’s clear that they are passionate about connecting people with God and being a serving church for unchurched people. God is blessing this focused mission with growth, shown by hundreds of baptisms in recent years.TVC has many pieces in place for a robust future and continued growth.

They have zero debt and are fiscally conservative. Plus, they have recently been named the Best Place to Work by the Best Christian Workplace Institute. The sky is the limit for what God will do through TVC.

Position Description

The Central Pastor of Worship Arts position is a chance to lock arms with senior leadership. TVC is a 1500-person, four-campus church. This specific position will be primarily responsible for leading the Hastings campus and its teams. It’s perfect for someone who can lead musically but also partner with Keith to lead the entire service to a high level of excellence each weekend.

TVC’s desire is a stable, experienced worship leader. Someone who is looking to stick around for a while and get in the deep end of the pool. A seasoned pastor and worship leader who is ready to run.

The position will report to Keith Brown, Senior Pastor. He is an amazing leader with a high ceiling and a desire to have a partner with him. Whether you’re in a big church and looking for something new or you’ve grown to the ceiling in your current role, this could be a huge opportunity for you.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership, oversight, and cast vision to worship directors on how to lead worship in a way that connects people to God and helps them take the next steps
  • Oversee and empower campus worship directors and central worship staff to equip campuses to contextualize a centrally collaborated weekly worship experience
  • Give oversight to central programming and technical arts budget
  • Provide strategic input into church-wide policies and staff direction as a member of the Central Leadership Team
  • Discreetly handle sensitive information
  • Drive a passion and vision for creating worship experiences where people connect with God
  • Other duties assigned by direct report

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Passionate About Connecting People With God: This is number one in every conversation. Someone who deeply cares about the community and being a serving church for unchurched people. TVC is driven by this mission
  • Musically Gifted & Experienced: Loves leading worship and creating an atmosphere where people can connect with God and take the next step. Also understands and loves all music, including country and rock, and knows how to incorporate a secular tune into a service
  • Driven & Goal Minded: TVC keeps a solid pace. Someone who thrives in an environment of hard work while always seeking to accomplish big, God-sized goals
  • Relationally Intelligent: Worship pastors handle many different personalities. Someone who can love well inside a strong, hardworking, positive environment
  • Hungry, Humble, Smart: This sums up the person who will fit well at TVC. We all know these, but this is very important to TVC. They want all three things. It’s a must.

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