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Student Director



Why I Love This Opportunity

Brian Aaby

Senior Associate

I loved my site visit with The Tree– the staff and volunteers I met are fantastic and passionate about Jesus and the people of Lancaster! The Tree is all about making disciples of Jesus through purposed relationships and relevant environments. They take staff health, relationships, and being in community very seriously.

About This Organization

The Tree Church began in 1999 as a small group called Lancaster Community Church (LCC). God quickly grew this small group into a vibrant body of believers! In 2016, it became apparent that God was doing something amazing at LCC, and plans to open a new space began, and in the spring of 2016, LCC purchased 721 North Memorial Drive with plans to turn the existing retail space into a church.

In 2017, LCC became The Tree Church because of the expanded vision to reach more than just Lancaster. After two years of construction, in September of 2018, The Tree Church moved into its new (and current) home. Throughout the history of this church, God has done amazing and miraculous things in the lives of the people who call The Tree Church home. And we are sure that its rich and beautiful history will be overshadowed only by the future God has in store for The Tree Church and her people.

At The Tree, they highly value two things: a relationship with God and a relationship with people. Everything they do is for the purpose of helping those relationships thrive. When you are at The Tree, you will experience a welcoming environment, relevant teaching, dynamic music as they worship God through song, authentic people, and many opportunities to simply have fun!

Position Description

The Student Ministries Director is directly responsible for providing leadership for all elements of High School Ministries within The Tree, as well as collaborating with ministry leaders of Middle School and support staff. This is a leadership, team building, coaching, and partnering position with the objective of helping the students of our area become totally devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

This position involves a typical work week consisting of Sunday through Thursday, with office hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Actual hours will vary depending on ministry needs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Embraces the mission, vision, values, and strategies of The Tree Church.
  • Serves as a catalyst in executing the vision and direction of Student Ministries in conjunction with the Family Ministries team.
  • Serve as the primary communicator for Student Ministries.
  • Pursue spiritual vitality and professional growth by personal study, reading, and attending seminars and maintain an attitude of life-long learning.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • The High School Director will need to have the courage to take risks. At The Tree, “We don’t do what is easy; we do what is best.”
  • The Tree staff values collaboration, not only among the Student Ministries team but with all staff and departments
  • The High School Director will need the ability to communicate a vision to the Lead Pastor clearly, as well as staff, volunteers, and parents
  • The bar is set high in all areas of ministry at The Tree. They are always striving for the very best. Their motto is, “The best idea wins.”
  • The staff at The Tree places a high priority on whole-life health. Hard work is balanced by Pastor Matthew’s frequent reminders that rest is celebrated. One of their staff values is, “We will take time to encourage, hear stories, and pray for each other.”

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