The Bridge Church

Worship Arts Director



Why I Love This Opportunity

Becky Ykema


The Bridge is a brave and loving community committed to kingdom impact within the Des Moines region. Their space has been designed not only for powerful multigenerational worship on Sundays and hosting youth programming, refugee study groups, and recovery groups throughout the week.

About This Organization

The Bridge (formerly Meredith Drive) is a vibrant community just outside the city of Des Moines. The Bridge is a part of the Reformed Church in America. They have a thriving preschool on campus and maximize their space for missional impact throughout the week.

After a year-long discernment process, The Bridge has made the decision to be welcoming to those who may find themselves in the LGBTQIA+ community. While The Bridge will not officiate weddings, folks of this community can become Christ-followers and welcomed members and participants within the community.

A candidate who can hold space in the middle to honor the scripture and honor God’s children will find a beautiful and one-of-a-kind place to minister and call home

Position Description

The Worship Arts Director passionately supports The Bridge in its mission and vision through worship and creative communication. Working cooperatively with the Lead Pastor, this position will call the creative shots – providing leadership to worship ministry, production, and communication to ensure people inside and outside the church are invited to connect to the hope found in Jesus, grow in love, and serve Christ in the world.

Key Responsiblities: 

  • This leader will ensure musical and technical support for all services are scheduled and confirmed.
  • This leader will supervise the Technical Director.
  • This leader will architect services, choose music, lead rehearsal and Sundays, and set the tone for the worship ministry.
  • This leader will run point on any creative communication needed, managing and organizing team leaders for social media, graphics, and website.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • This leader possesses a growing and healthy walk with God.
  • They have a musical degree or equivalent training/experience.
  • They are able to lead from an instrument, mainly the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or keys.
  • They understand general music theory and are able to communicate to each member of the band in a way they will understand.
  • They are relational and people-oriented, with an orientation towards serving, empowering others, and building strong teams. Experience leading and developing volunteers.
  • They have dynamic vocal skills that will inspire the team to bring their best.

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