Sound City Bible Church

Lead Pastor



Why I Love This Opportunity

Todd Clark

Senior Associate

The Lead Pastor role at Sound City Bible Church provides a senior leader the opportunity to love, lead and reach people with the message of Jesus in one of the greatest geographic regions in our nation.

About This Organization

Our mission is to raise up wholehearted disciples of Jesus.

Our Values

A new leader stepping into the lead pastor role at SCBC will have several challenges and opportunities to grow and help others grow. As a church in a relatively unchurched region, a new leader will find a body with a rich history that values reading and understanding scripture (a reformed understanding) and enjoying God, which could be spurred even further toward living out that knowledge to a greater and greater degree. The ability to bring in a new energy and vision that aligns with the direction and values of the church will challenge both this new leader and the church to grow as God directs the church into a new season.

Position Description

The local church is Jesus’ plan A and only plan for making disciples of all nations. Local churches, therefore, are indispensable to God’s mission. But churches must be led. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit raises and empowers a plurality of godly qualified men to lead a local church. Still, oftentimes one particular elder takes the lead role in this leadership initiative and has particular giftings and responsibilities to build up the body of Christ.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Mature disciple | Must meet the character requirements of a deacon found in 1 Timothy
  • Experienced | 3-5 years of Lead Pastor experience preferred.
  • Christo-centric & Gospel-centered | Must have a strong conviction that Jesus is our only hope in life and death and be able to apply the gospel to every area of life.
  • Theologically Trained | Must be theologically trained, seminary graduate or postgraduate preferred.
  • Expositional | Must be skilled at expository preaching as the primary method of preaching.
  • Reformed | Must hold to a reformed soteriology with a clear cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Complementarian | Must hold to a complementarian interpretation of the Scriptures.
  • Communicator | Must be an excellent communicator in both spoken and written mediums.
  • Disciple Maker | Must love to raise up disciples and be energized by developing leaders.
  • Vision | Must be able to cast vision and lead team leaders.
  • Relational Leader | Must work well with a team and collaborate with others.
  • Technology | Must be able to effectively use the Google Suite, and Planning Center Online, and learn other software tools as necessary for communication.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Primary preacher | Speaks in the pulpit on the majority of Sundays, oversees the preaching ministry, trains up other preachers, and schedules the pulpit.
  • Worship gathering oversight| More than just preaching, oversees the church’s gathered to worship, including songs, liturgy, prayer, and announcements. Ensures the gospel integration.
  • Primary communicator | Is the primary communicator in the church and collaborates in other matters of communication related to values, mission, vision, and strategy: vision and ideas.
  • Dreams of what the church could be in the future and collaborates with leaders to lead the wider church into that picture of the future. Culture setting and cultivating.
  • Embody the church’s values so that the organization and the wider church reflect those selected values.
  • Leader of the elder team | Sets the agenda for meetings, ensures rotating chairperson, and empowers the entire elder team to fulfill their specific ministry calling.


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