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Senior Executive Pastor



Why I Love This Opportunity

Jonathan Singh


Northwoods is a growing, thriving, healthy church. Its unified, passionate staff and elder teams are committed to “helping people trust and fully follow Jesus.” Northwoods’s heart and vision to plant churches throughout the country show its commitment to fulfilling the Gospel.

About This Organization

Northwoods Community Church started in 1990 with a vision to reach the 150,000 people in the greater Peoria area who did not have a relationship with Jesus and needed a church home.

More than 30 years later, Northwoods continues to flourish and impacts thousands of lives every week. Originating in Peoria, campuses now serve the communities surrounding Canton as well. Online ministry reaches many thousands more through the web, social media, and streaming—not only in Central Illinois but worldwide.

Position Description

The Senior Pastor empowers the Senior Executive Pastor to provide global ministry development, coordination, and communication for Northwoods Community Church. The Senior Executive Pastor will work closely with the Senior Pastor (as an extension of him) to implement and carry out the church’s mission, vision, and strategy.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Ministry Development: Will offer strategic guidance and input into the development of any new ministries to ensure that the proper leaders are in place and that there is vision alignment with Northwoods Community Church.

Budget Development: Will work closely with the Executive Pastor of Operations to propose an annual ministry budget to the Executive Team for further refining as defined by the Board of Elders.


  • Direct Supervision: Monitor the pulse of the overall ministry of the church through direct supervision of the Executive Pastor of Operations, the Executive Pastor of Ministries, the Executive Pastor of Creative Communications, the Human Resource Director, The Missions Pastor, and our Multi-site Campus Pastor Boards Committees, etc.:
  • The Senior Executive Pastor may serve by invitation on the Board of Elders. In addition, the Senior Executive Pastor is an ex officio member of all other Church boards, committees, teams, leadership groups, and any other formally organized groups within the Church. When the Senior Executive Pastor is serving by invitation as a member of the Board of Elders, he will have a voting privilege by virtue of his position. Similarly, concerning the Senior Executive Pastor’s participation as an ex-officio member on the other various boards and groups described above, he shall also have voting privileges by virtue of his position.
  • Executive Team: Lead the Executive Team, which is authorized and empowered by the Board of Elders, to give oversight and direction to the Leadership Team of Northwoods Community Church within the context of its stated vision. The Executive Team will define the annual strategic initiatives, review the annual budget, and have the final decision-making power concerning leadership issues (i.e., personnel, finances, etc.).
  • Leadership Team: Plan the agenda for the Leadership Team, lead the various ministries of Northwoods Community Church within the context of its stated vision, assist in the formulation and execution of strategic initiatives, serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Team, provide direction during regular meetings, and guide discussions.
  • Strategic Planning: Oversee short- and long-range strategic planning for Northwoods Community Church
  • Stewardship Campaigns: Administrate and supervise all stewardship campaigns.
    Staff Meetings: Attend meetings for global, visionary, spiritual development, and organizational matters.


  • Boards and Teams: Communicate new information, developments, and decisions concerning the church’s global ministry to the Executive Team, Leadership Team, and Board of Elders at regular meetings and as requested.


What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

An innovative ministry designer/developer/producer who enjoys evaluating ministry needs and envisioning ideas through focused study, research, and assimilating people in various ministry roles. The Senior Executive Pastor should have a history of healthy relationships and a high level of emotional intelligence. The Senior Executive Pastor should be good at conflict resolution and have a history of promoting a healthy work environment.

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