Peak City Church

High School Director & Teaching Pastor

Colorado Springs,


Why I Love This Opportunity

Brian Aaby

Senior Associate

I get to spend time with many churches, and one of my favorite “previews” is attending a staff meeting– Peak City staff is easily one of my top 10%-ers when it comes to attending a staff meeting. They were fun, engaging and talked about the stuff that matters! I loved the environment and the authenticity.
I also love the program shift this church is making. They are looking to bring in a High School Director who wants to preach/teach! Their philosophy is that high school students can and should be part of the main services, so they want to bring in a communicator who can not only shepherd throughout the week but be seen upfront regularly for the rest of the church.

About This Organization

Peak City is a radically missional church serving the ever-growing population of Colorado Springs. With a heart committed to being a church for the unchurched, Peak City is actively invested in the community and committed to being a safe haven for those new to the area or in their faith.
Peak City (formerly Red Rock Chruch) is a 16-year-old church started by two brothers, Paul Reichart and Andrew Reichart, who wanted to create a different kind of church in Colorado Springs. The church focused on reaching people who don’t usually attend church. The brothers turned to North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia as a model. The church became one of the original North Point Partners and the furthest geographical partner church from Atlanta.

In December 2019, Petie Kinder moved from Indianapolis and became the new lead pastor of Red Rock, which shortly after became Peak City Church. Petie’s experience in growing churches and passion for reaching people far from God is leading to a church that helps people discover Jesus and follow him fearlessly!

With the leadership of Pastor Petie Kinder, Peak City holds the values of being raw, passionate, and clear in everything they say and do. Petie embodies warmth, welcome, honesty, and invitation while spurring the church to deeper faith formation and readily applicable opportunities to walk out a life with Jesus.

A solid core of around 1000 people gathers weekly at Peak City.

Position Description

You don’t see opportunities like this come around too often; this role is unique in that, in some ways, it is a typical “youth pastor” in that you’ll lead the high school ministry on Sunday evenings, camps/retreats and special events; however, much of this role surrounds the high school students being incorporated into the main body of Peak City. Not only will this person preach 8-10+ times a year, but they will also be the primary communicator on Sunday evenings to set up the win for the leaders of the small groups.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preach/Teach 8-10+ times at the main Peak City service
  • Create a strategy for capturing new students who attend Peak City Church on a Sunday morning
  • Lead the High School Ministry (Sunday evenings)
  • Recruit, train, and grow the High School leadership team
  • Lead special events (camps, retreats, missions) for the High School Ministry
  • Partner with the rest of the Next Gen ministry for smooth transitions from Kids to MS to HS

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • This leader will likely have 3 to 5 years of Student Ministry experience.
  • The new Director must demonstrate a passion for students and families
  • The person will be bought into the vision of “Helping people discover Jesus and follow Him fearlessly.”
  • This leader will be a strong and winsome communicator, not just on stage but interpersonally.


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