Parkview Christian Church

Lead Pastor

Orland Park,


Why I Love This Opportunity

Matt Wright

Vice President Senior Leadership

Parkview is a healthy, vibrant congregation postured well to impact its community in powerful ways. They are in an intentional succession season with an outgoing Lead Pastor who is well-loved and excited to cheer on the next person in the role. That is a wonderful opportunity to lead a vision-minded and community-impacting church that is well-resourced with deep volunteer engagement. The staff is energized with an attractive culture, and the elders are unified and supportive of the staff team.

For the right high-level leader and relational teacher, the Lead Pastor role at Parkview is a chance to build on a deep, established foundation of effective ministry for decades to come.

About This Organization

Parkview Christian Church started in 1951 and has grown to be one of the largest churches in the nation, with three physical locations and an expansive online reach. Pastor Tim Harlow relocated to the area in 1990 to pastor the 150-member Tinley Park Church of Christ. By 2006, Parkview had built a 2,000-seat auditorium and continues to grow – even today.

Parkview’s mission is to Reach People with God’s love, Raise them to be like Jesus, and Release them to change the world. This is a unique, unified, mission-driven church in a great community that is unashamedly outward-focused. Each staff member, leader, and volunteer shares a dynamic passion for reaching lost people. They take risks – like holding Alpha classes exclusively in bars – because “Reach” is a top priority. They work hard to create an environment where newcomers feel wanted and accepted.

As much as Parkview is healthy today with a healthy past, they are moving into the next chapter of ministry through a season of intentional succession. As Pastor Tim looks to retirement, they are praying for their next Lead Pastor of Parkview to join them as they craft a fresh vision, innovate with intentional new strategies, and discover the future.

Position Description

Parkview is praying for their next Lead Pastor: someone of humble character with a passionate, authentic teaching style and the capacity to lead at a very high level.

First, Parkview is a church where ego, arrogance, or veneer are out of place. Parkview needs someone to build relationships with the average, successful, south-side blue-collar worker. “Grit” is a key characteristic of this community, and the new Lead Pastor must display the same grit. Faith must be a part of all aspects of regular life.

Second, the Lead Pastor must be an A-level leader. This person must embrace the beauty of what works well at Parkview while leading them to think creatively and innovatively about what comes next. This person must be vision-oriented and risk-tolerant, with the ability to energize a staff team as Parkview pivots to match the new environment around them.

Finally, the Lead Pastor must teach with a passion to those far from God. Presenting like a standard “preacher” would not fit! Parkview needs someone who can speak with a normal, unpolished teaching voice and yet clearly, concisely, and winsomely communicate the love of Jesus to a community most familiar with a legalistic view of faith.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the preaching team, and preach consistently.
  • Lead the church leadership in developing a vision, strategic plan, and effective tactics that produce successful and fruitful ministry.
  • Lead and shepherd the staff teams. Meet regularly with staff and church leaders.
  • Serve as the spiritual leader of the church.
  • Serve as an equal voting member of the Elder Board. Meet with the Elder Board regularly to report on the spiritual, organizational, and financial health of the church.
  • Develop healthy relationships with other like-minded churches.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • The Parkview team is praying for someone of humble character, a passionate and authentic teaching style, and the capacity to lead at a very high level.
  • Someone of authenticity and humility. Parkview is a church where ego, arrogance, and veneer are out of place.
  • An A-level leader who is vision-oriented and risk-tolerant. Parkview needs someone with the ability to energize a staff team toward an exciting vision for the future.
  • A seasoned teacher who can speak with a “normal,” passionate voice to communicate the love of Jesus to a community that is most families with a legalistic view of faith.

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