Ocean View Church

Student Pastor

Myrtle Beach,

South Carolina

Why I Love This Opportunity

Kenny Conley


Ocean View Church is a growing, multi-generational church that significantly impacts the Myrtle Beach community. In the past ten years, this 50-year-old church has experienced significant transformation. Ocean View has grown in size, has grown younger, and has become a vibrant church reaching young families. Only a short walk from pristine South Carolina beaches, Ocean View is a church making considerable investments in the next generation. A passionate and tight-knit leadership team is looking for a student pastor to join them in reaching families in Myrtle Beach.

About This Organization

Ocean View Church was established over 50 years ago to reach Myrtle Beach and the surrounding communities. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Ocean View was well-established along the Grand Strand and saw significant growth in every way. An active and generous church body helped build a beautiful facility just a short walk from Myrtle Beach.

Ten years ago, Ocean View called Terry Scalzitti, the next Lead Pastor, leading this church into a thriving modern era. Under Terry’s leadership, Ocean View has grown in giving, attendance, staff, and outreach engagements. Since the Pandemic, Ocean View has continued to grow, reaching more families and integrating more partnerships with organizations locally and overseas.

Position Description

The Ocean View Student Pastor serves on a tight-knit NextGen team and will provide vision and effective leadership for student ministry teams by igniting passion within students to know Jesus, His Word, and live on mission through our UP/IN/OUT church strategies. The Student Pastor will lead and grow an engaged team of leaders who provide relational and spiritual care to small groups of teenagers. Lastly, the student pastor will design multiple ways to partner with families to help their teenagers follow Jesus.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work in support of the vision of Ocean View and its Lead Pastor
  • Collaborate on projects that have community or church-wide benefits and impact
  • Commit to personal growth and leadership development
  • Motivate and affirm the recruitment of volunteers and parents
  • Implement and evaluate systems, processes, and forms to monitor the spiritual and physical growth of volunteer and parent base
  • Evaluate events and weekend environments with directors, coaches, leaders, and apprentices
  • Equip coordinators and coaches to lead team members in service, with
  • Equip teams with all necessary supplies, training, and tools for discipleship
  • Train leaders to meet and surpass the expectations of their role
  • Show appreciation and love for those who serve, making a note of important
    events and their life’s journey
  • Evaluate operational procedures and budget regularly
  • Keep the strategy of Ocean View Students in alignment with the vision of Ocean View
  • Monitor the spiritual, numerical, and environmental health of Ocean View
  • Create tiered environments and events for students that are safe, creative, and balanced at all levels of our philosophy, strategy, and programming
  • Use programming and resources that are creative, excellent, biblical, and
    encourage students to take the next step
  • Implement strategies and experiences for all levels of programming
  • Personally reach and disciple students
  • Communicate and partner with parents regarding Student Ministry
  • Develop and implement a ministry strategy to reach students in our city

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Self Starter: Has a continued pursuit of excellence without being told what to do
  • Passionate: A hands-on leader who can get into the details with passion and motivation
  • Team Player: Has a collaborative approach, seeking to include others and build bridges
  • Teachable: Being a listener and open-minded to learning how things are done differently
  • Emotionally Intelligent: A self-aware leader who relationally wins with leaders, parents, and students

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