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Why I Love This Opportunity

Keith Twigg

Senior Associate

The Executive Pastor role at New Beginnings Church provides the right candidate a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a team and a church powered by prayer and the mission of Jesus! God is on the move at New Beginnings.

About This Organization

New Beginnings Baptist Church met for the first time on Sunday, June 19, 1983, with 67 people in attendance. These people united their hearts, lives, and resources to offer a fresh ministry to northwest Longview. The church called its first staff two weeks later, and an office building was secured for meeting facilities. Affectionately remembered as the “storefront,” the building soon was too small, so the young church acquired adjacent space and removed walls to accommodate the growing family. Later, they secured another building as the “storefront” expanded a third time. Eventually, the congregation purchased property at George Richey Road and Remington Trail (the current Longview campus). Construction soon began on a permanent facility here, and the first Sunday in these facilities was January 12, 1986. In the late 1980s, the church expanded its facilities several times to accommodate everyone attending.

New Beginnings is known in their community for being a place where it is safe to struggle and be authentic. In a community/region where cultural Christianity is prevalent, they have seen many people come to New Beginnings who have been alienated by the church or who felt like the church was fake, ingenuine, or hypocritical. The pastors here speak authentically from the stage, which fosters a community of authenticity in groups and, in turn, in the community.

The mission of New Beginnings is People connecting people to Jesus and his ever-restoring life, where we live, work, and play.

Position Description

The Executive Pastor is responsible for the overall health and development of the personnel and the organization. This includes staff development, strategic planning, finance, administration, Human Resources, overall operations, and oversight of creative, counseling/pastoral care, and missions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support the Lead Pastor and Elders in accomplishing the church’s mission through discernment, decision-making, planning, and overall direction of the church staff.
  • Coaching and leading staff to grow in their understanding of personal calling, effectiveness in their position, and organizational contribution.
  • Lead the ministry staff in establishing and directing ministries that effectively pursue the mission and vision.
  • Ensure the operational readiness of the church through leadership and oversight of the support staff performing administrative duties, finance, human resources, and facilities management.
  • Take part in developing semester and annual strategic plans, which include evaluation of ministry performance; review of key objectives in light of mission, measures, strategy, and values.
  • Establish and maintain measurements that can provide the Lead Pastor, Elders, and Administrative team with ongoing visibility of the effectiveness of all functional areas of the church.
  • Oversee the Business manager’s development of annual financial plans that fund the accomplishment of the strategic plan and meet critical financial objectives such as cash reserve replenishment.
  • Oversee the church’s building programs, including capital fundraising campaigns, master planning, design and architecture, contractor selection, and construction.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • The Executive Pastor will necessarily be someone who is wholly and intrinsically trusted by the entire New Beginnings team, particularly with regard to the Lead Pastor.
  • The Executive Pastor will be personally committed to prayer as a priority and will also be a catalytic voice that continually encourages all team members to incorporate communication with God more fully into their ministries.
  • The Executive Pastor will be a leader who excels at 1) creating systems & schedules of organizational communication and 2) personally communicating to the team and the church in multiple settings and crowd sizes.
  • This position requires 10 to 15 years of experience as a senior leader in a corporate business environment.
  • Must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above-reproach character.

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