New Beginnings Baptist Church

Global Worship Pastor

Longview, Texas

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    This opportunity represents a chance to shape the worship culture over a growing multisite church where authenticity is highly valued. New Beginnings is known in their community for being a place where it is safe to struggle and be authentic. In a region where cultural Christianity is prevalent, they have seen many people join their fellowship who have been alienated by the church or felt like the church was fake, ingenuine, or hypocritical. This culture of authenticity draws people to engage here.

    About This Organization

    Since 1983, New Beginnings Baptist Church has grown and reached families in the Longview area. This growth has brought about exciting changes and additions to ministries and staff over the years. Six years ago, they launched their multisite strategy with the opening of a second campus in Gilmer, TX. Three years ago, expansion happened on their Longview campus with the completion of a beautiful new worship center facility. God continues to bless the church, and an average of 2300 people now worship at New Beginnings each weekend. Over the last few years, they have become the fastest-growing church in their region.

    The mission of New Beginnings is “People connecting people to Jesus and his ever-restoring life, where we live, work, and play.” This mission is not only organizational but one in which every person who calls New Beginnings home can take part. They describe a mature follower of Jesus as one who is Kingdom-focused, spiritually dependent, Biblically grounded, relationally Invested, and mission ready. Worship services are modern in style, engaging, holistic, and gospel-centered. The church is also actively engaged in meeting needs throughout their community by serving first responders and addressing education needs, poverty issues, and family care needs.

    Position Description

    At New Beginnings, the spiritual and relational health of the staff is a priority. Some describe the staff culture here as the “healthiest they’ve been a part of.” They love having fun together, so chemistry and relational connection are vital. East Texas culture is highly relational, so it is vitally important that the new Global Worship Pastor have strong interpersonal relationship skills.

    The Global Worship Pastor will have direct oversight of all things related to the worship ministry and culture across all campuses while being the primary worship leader on the Spring Hill campus. All Campus Worship Pastors will have a dotted line relationship with the new leader for worship direction, support, and resourcing. The worship ministry has grown considerably recently and is in good health with strong unity between the campuses, intentionality among the people, and authenticity on and off the stage. While strong platform skills are essential, the new leader must also be relational from the stage. The church does not value production as highly as relational connection and authenticity. Because this is a high-level role, the new hire should lead and organize teams effectively.

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