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Why I Love This Opportunity

Todd Clark

Senior Associate

Mosaic Church in Littleton, Colorado, is an opportunity for a Lead Pastor to join a team where they can love and lead people out of their passion and gifts. This role and this location are dream opportunities for the right senior leader.

About This Organization

Mosaic is a vibrant and diverse combination of several church congregations that have come together in recent years. The name is intentional and reflects the individuality of each piece, yet the beauty of all the pieces when assembled.

Mosaic is where broken people come together to grow, serve, give, and share. We are big enough to have a broad array of ministries and programs for our congregation with comfortable facilities, but small enough where you can be known, in close community with others, and make a personal impact with your skills and gifts.

Like a Mosaic of many different pieces coming together to make a beautiful picture, our church has a rich and diverse history of collaboration born out of triumphs and trials. Our purpose is to help people experience a Jesus-centered life and become active pieces of God’s masterpiece for His glory.

Sunday mornings are an atmosphere of “come as you are,” where you’ll receive sound biblical teachings and a good cup of coffee in our Broken Pieces Café, also open to the local community during the week. Our youth and children’s ministries thrive with sound teaching, multiple activities, and lots of fun, including an indoor climbing wall!

Mosaic exists to help people experience a Jesus-centered life.

Mosaic is …
– A place where you can find Jesus.
– A place you can experience community.
– A place to call home.

Position Description

Position:  Lead Pastor

Reports to: the elders and is a voting member of the elder team

Our Leadership Structure

Our elder board collectively provides spiritual oversight, direction, and leadership for the church. They entrust the implementation of that direction to the staff and ministry leaders under the leadership of the lead pastor. The lead pastor then leads and shares in a collaborative approach that allows each pastor to flourish within their particular gifting, promotes the health of both the pastors and the body, and is more effective in advancing Mosaic’s mission.

The lead pastor at Mosaic is part of the Elder team and provides strategic, teaching, and operational leadership for the church.

We expect our elders, lead pastor, and staff to model high standards, including:

  • Biblical authority and truth:  Actively listen and submit to the Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and each other
  • Character:  Hold oneself accountable to the high standards of our calling supported by personal practices of Christian disciplines and a strong accountability system
  • Humility:  Be a visionary and strong leader but humble in spirit and relationships with other
  • Courage:  Be willing to take risks to stand up for what is biblically sound and best for the church
  • Unity:  Lead inspirationally but create unity with staff and church bod
  • Stewardship:  Every decision and dollar is handled with the utmost thought and care

Joint Responsibilities of Elder Board

  • Doctrine – Protects church doctrine
  • Vision – Summarizes the purpose, identity, and values of Mosaic
  • Strategy – Defines the means and ownership by which we will fulfill the vision
  • Oversight and accountability – Shepherds and protects the culture and integrity of the staff, volunteers, and members of the body
  • Annual budget – Approves and communicates the financial plan to support the vision and strategy
  • Strategic or materially significant financial decisions – Engages in strategic decisions and those matters that meet criteria specified in bylaws or decision-making matrices
  • Church discipline – Fulfills the biblical responsibilities of the local church related to church discipline based on Matthew 18


Key Responsibilities:

  • Beyond thought leadership in the shared duties with the Elders, the lead pastor will oversee the execution of Mosaic’s strategy through gifted and experienced ministry and operational staff members.
  • The Lead Pastor will need to embrace a collaborative leadership environment in which he not only relies upon the operational leadership he governs but also empowers them to make decisions and thrive in their areas of leadership.
  • We believe that a collaborative environment in which the Lead Pastor does not need to perform many of the typical operational duties of the church will allow him to focus more on his gifts of teaching and discipleship.

The lead pastor leads the spiritual development of Mosaic’s church family by proclaiming biblical truth through teaching and casting vision for Mosaic’s discipleship programs and ministries. The lead pastor’s responsibilities will include:

  • Serve as the primary teacher for Mosaic; teach approximately 35-40 weekends along with special church events
  • Develop teaching/message strategy and manage teaching calendar. Ensure that what is taught across the church is theologically sound. Collaborate with the Creative Arts Pastor to ensure high-impact weekends
  • Mentor and develop other Mosaic pastors from a teaching perspective; develop a strong teaching team and promote an environment of continuous improvement
  • Lead Mosaic’s discipleship strategy, including growth curriculum, life groups, and missions/local outreach
  • Participate as an active and collaborative member of our engaged elder team
  • Lead, mentor, evaluate, and manage assigned staff
  • Collaborate with staff to promote church messages and programs through a variety of media outlets both within the church body and to the general public


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