MercyGate Church

Worship Pastor

Mont Belvieu,


Why I Love This Opportunity

David Santistevan

Senior Associate

I’m excited to work with MercyGate Church on this Worship Pastor position. MercyGate is a place where the presence and power of God is pursued with abandon. The opportunity here for a spirit-filled, discipleship-minded Worship Pastor is immense. The best days are ahead at MercyGate Church.

About This Organization

MercyGate Church (originally Mont Belvieu Assembly of God) began in 1930 and was the first and only Assembly of God church in the Mont Belvieu area.

MercyGate has seen tremendous growth under the leadership of the current Pastor, Donald Gibson, after his appointment in 2008. Attendance increased from 275 to an average of just under 500 people on a Sunday morning.

In 2012 Mont Belvieu Assembly of God became MercyGate Church and a few short years later, completed construction of a new facility to accommodate the continued growth.
In July 2014, a new MercyGate Church campus was opened.

The church grew to about 750 attendance by the end of 2019. In 2020 the online audience increased greatly while in-person services declined during the pandemic. Attendance has been steadily increasing since the end of 2020 and is now back to an average of 730 per week.

Position Description

The Worship Pastor at MercyGate Church is responsible for the worship ministry of the church. This includes planning worship services with a focus on music selection as well as coordinating between AVL & worship teams. The Worship Pastor also works closely with other pastoral staff in planning worship services, church events or concerts. They also will develop other worship leaders and musicians, fostering a healthy worship culture.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement a ministry-specific strategic plan for the worship ministry that is aligned with the overall MGC vision. Strategic plan should include short-term improvement (annual goals) and long-term growth goals (two to five-year plans)
  • Set ministry-specific quarterly goals that include leader and volunteer training. Create and maintain a succession plan to fill a leadership pipeline and prepare for future growth
  • Implement a plan for internal communication with volunteer team members and church attendees that keeps others informed and engaged. Implement specific communication plans for ministry events, including both internal and external communication
  • Function as a team member to accomplish overall church goals. Include staff team members in both all-church and ministry-specific activities to avoid silos, promote communication, and encourage teamwork. Set other team members up for success
  • Active member of the teaching team filling in for the Senior Pastor or Executive Pastor as needed for weekday services or classes
  • Responsible for developing and managing the budget for all assigned areas of ministry, including completing fundraising as needed
  • Multi-site Project Team – a member of the project team with a focus on volunteer leadership development for future multi-site (working with Exec Pastor)

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • A strong candidate will lead spirit-led, engaging worship
  • A strong candidate will develop and disciple new leaders
  • A strong candidate will develop a worship culture that spans from kids ministry to youth ministry to adult
  • A strong candidate will be a pastoral leader to the team.

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