Madison Park Church of God

Middle School Pastor/Director



Why I Love This Opportunity

Christine Kreisher


LOVE THIS CHURCH! Madison Park is passionate about impacting the next generation and not just in word but in deed! They are a growing, regional church of 600-900 that has a long history of serving the Central Indiana region. The new Lead Pastor has cast a clear and compelling vision for the next generation and there is a fresh wind of faith and fire for the future of Madison Park. Young families are moving into the area in droves as it was recently voted the #1 place to live in America. People are beginning relationships with Jesus for the first time, being baptized in record numbers, while addictions are being broken, and relationships restored.

God is clearly moving in this church and as it expands, the team is also expanding. Any new staff member will need to be comfortable with change, be flexible, willing to think outside the box, and operate as a strong team player. There are no sacred cows at Madison Park! God’s hand is on Madison Park and its best days are ahead!

About This Organization

The Mission of Madison Park Church is to SHOW PEOPLE WHO JESUS IS! They believe that Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE and until His return someday, they will live and lead people to Jesus, embodying the way Jesus lived.

MP filters everything through five values:

Located just outside of the Indianapolis metro area, MP is strategically located on 200 acres along a primary stretch of interstate. There is an endless possibility as the Indianapolis metro area continues to develop toward the church.

Strong, strategic, passionate, and focused leadership defines this church. They are about Kingdom impact. MP is led by Heather Semple, supported by the Elder Board, and the staff is directed and developed by the Executive Pastor, Mike Makalusky. Heather is a sought-after leader, communicator, and pastor. She is a visionary and strategic leader/thinker with a balanced leadership style of grace AND truth.

Position Description

MP YOUTH exists to create opportunities to engage and empower students through scripture and relationships.
Madison Park is looking for a highly relational, proven team builder who thrives in an environment where thinking outside of the box is not only encouraged, but expected.  A strategic and visionary, big picture thinker is necessary to build a thriving student ministry that keeps moving forward instead of maintaining the “church as usual”, status quo.  If you’re a dreamer and builder, keep reading!

Heather and Mike are keenly aware that the church is changing and the way that we reach and disciple students need to change as well. “There are no sacred cows. We set the record for slaughtering cows around here!” They are looking for a dreamer; someone who will rethink student ministry and build a new way forward. MP is a healthy high-risk/high-feedback culture where staff isn’t afraid to fail because they believe if you’re not failing, you’re not trying anything new. In many ways, the culture emulates one of an internet start-up. A visionary leader with entrepreneurial and apostolic wiring will thrive in this environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Teach and help students apply God’s Word to their lives
  • Recruit, support, empower and appreciate volunteer small group leaders
  • Responsible for planning fun and meaningful community-building programs and events where discipleship and relationships are the priority
  • Share general pastoral duties at the church

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Fun, highly relational, collaborative team player and team builder
  • Innovative and organized self starter
  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is evidenced by daily spiritual disciplines
  • Relevant and engaging communicator with a deep and personal understanding of scripture
    -Committed to being a resource and champion for parents

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