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Why I Love This Opportunity

Mike Haight


Lifepoint is a team-oriented, vision-driven, and healthy multisite church with five campuses across the north side of Columbus, OH. The new Worship Pastor will oversee worship ministry on the largest of Lifepoint’s five campuses and help set the pace for the ministries across all campuses. This person will join a tight-knit team of campus worship pastors who collaborate extremely well and enjoy doing things with a high degree of excellence. The Worship Pastor will inherit a well-established ministry and have ample latitude to dream while being well-resourced and supported. All of this while living in a beautiful city is expected to see unprecedented growth over the next decade.

About This Organization

Lifepoint Church’s vision is to become a people who draw life from God and point others to him as they multiply kingdom impact in mid-Ohio, the mid-west, and the world. The church strives to equip, empower, and release its members into ministry where they live, work, and play. They are known for missional living, friendliness, and approachable Biblical-based teaching with practical application.

Lifepoint launched in 2004 when three founding pastors joined in planting a church on the north side of Columbus, OH. Today, nearly 4,500 people attend weekly worship services on average across the church’s five campuses, with over 6,000 people calling Lifepoint their church family. Additionally, there are nearly 3000 people connected in weekly small group communities called Lifegroups.

The worship ministry is extremely healthy and desires to draw life from God and point others to Him. Those serving on the worship team are characterized by humility, loyalty, faithfulness, a strong desire to grow, and an openness to coaching. Their goal is to lead the church into a place (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) where people can worship God. Excellence is valued, and they want to offer their best, being void of anything that takes attention away from God and puts it on anything or anyone else. The musical worship at Lifepoint is decidedly modern but without undue pressure to be the trendiest church in town.

Position Description

The Worship Pastor will oversee and facilitate the day-to-day operations of the worship ministries at Lifepoint’s Lewis Center Campus. This campus is the largest of the five, with an average weekend attendance of 2350. The Worship Pastor will oversee and supervise a highly competent production team (production director and audio director), a part-time worship director, and a part-time music director on the Lewis Center campus and will collaborate with other campus worship pastors to help shape the worship culture across all campuses. This cross-campus team seeks to use its gifts as a cohesive unit.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership and general direction for Worship Ministries at the Lewis Center (LC) campus.
  • Give leadership and pastoral care to leaders and volunteers on the LC Worship team.
  • Oversee, lead, and pastor the LC Production staff and volunteer team.
  • Work with worship pastors on the Cross-Campus (CC) Team for collaborative planning and alignment of annual and weekly calendar and action plans (scheduling set lists, dates, events, auditions, training, etc.).
  • Oversee and lead the implementation of the annual calendar and action plans agreed to by the CC Worship team at the LC Campus.
  • Oversee and lead in the planning and overseeing of annual budgets and expenditures at the LC Campus.
  • Oversee the recruitment and equipping of an appropriate volunteer base for the LC Campus.
  • Foster a culture of developing, equipping, empowering, and multiplying coaches and leaders.
  • Work with the broader Lifepoint staff and CC teams to schedule worship leaders for events as needed.
  • Work with the CC Team to compose and record original music for Lifepoint Collective.
  • Meet regularly with the Lead Pastor to communicate worship strategy, vision, and cross-campus alignment.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • The successful candidate will be a strong vocalist and gifted musician who cares about musical excellence.
  • This person should see themselves as a pastor, not just an artist.
  • The new hire should be highly relational, lead passionately, and have the heart to shepherd and develop others.
  • This person should value teamwork and collaboration and lead more from influence than directive.

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