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Why I Love This Opportunity

Cory Thurman


This is an amazing opportunity at an incredibly growing church with a healthy staff and a huge community impact. Legacy Bible Church is in need of an Adult Discipleship Pastor who will lead, develop, manage, and mentor the Adult Discipleship staff and volunteers. Legacy is looking for a leader focused on team building, spotting and identifying gifts and talents within the body, and someone with a passion for seeing people grow spiritually.

About This Organization

Legacy Bible Church is a community desiring to live out the Gospel. At the heart of everything they do as a church, they intend to be GOSPEL-CENTERED. This is because it is the Gospel that not only SAVES us, but the more we understand the “good news” and cling to it, it GROWS us and KEEPS us. “The gospel is not the ABCs of Christianity; it is the A through Z of Christianity.” It’s how we live. It makes us recognize two things: first, that we are way more sinful than we like to admit or even imagined, and second, we are infinitely more loved than we ever could have hoped or dreamed. The one gives us great humility, while the other gives us great courage and boldness as we’ve never had before. The more we dwell, ponder, think, and rest in those truths, the more our lives transform. Therefore, the rest of our life begins to change – our ability to forgive, our love for others, our priorities, our schedules, our attitudes, it ALL changes – when we become entirely consumed with the love and grace of God. That is the power of the Gospel (Rom. 1:16-17). And because Legacy believes this Gospel is their only hope, they want to see every member of their family EMBRACE the Gospel, EMBODY the Gospel, ENTRUST the Gospel, and ENGAGE the culture with the Gospel. These aims comprise their discipleship process for the church, as well as their church’s vision. The Gospel is the motivation for all they do!

Legacy Bible Church began in February 2000 as a small group of believers meeting in a home desiring biblical teaching and an authentic community. This group quickly relocated to an aircraft hangar, and by June 2002, the church called its first full-time Lead Pastor. By the Fall of 2003, the church needed more space and began meeting in a local school gym, which remained for almost a decade. After years of steady growth, Legacy began constructing its first permanent facility. In December 2012, the church moved into its new (current) home. Since then, Legacy has continued to grow and now averages 800 people attending worship services weekly.
Because of the steady growth of the surrounding area, Legacy is projected to continue to grow for the next several years. The church is preparing to accommodate this growth by reorganizing its staffing structure to serve the people of Legacy best. There are also plans to expand the current facilities and to plant other churches.

Position Description

The Adult Discipleship Pastor will be primarily responsible for overseeing the Discipleship Process of Adult Discipleship & to fulfill the vision of Legacy Bible Church.
The role of the Adult Discipleship Pastor (ADP) is to oversee the Adult Discipleship Team and will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values, and strategy of Legacy Bible Church with the ability to align the discipleship team with its mission, vision, and values. The ADP, as a ministry team leader, will offer pastoral leadership and shepherding to the Adult Discipleship Team made up of staff and volunteers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead, develop, manage, and mentor/shepherd the Adult Discipleship Ministry staff and volunteer
  • Lead the Adult Discipleship Team and volunteers to develop a long-term plan to ensure a strong discipleship pathway, equipping & educational minister
  • Create and manage operational budgets for the Adult Discipleship Ministry
  • Give direction to the volunteers by establishing and clearly communicating vision, goals, and plans regularly
    Provide leadership for the ongoing development of our disciple-making strategies

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Strong ability to be a “leader of leaders” to build and develop AD ministry team leads as they execute the vision and mission of Legacy Bible Church for adult discipleship
  • Strong ability to build teams and break down any potential silos within the AD team structure to maintain unity among ministry leaders
  • Seminary degree required
  • Minimum five years of ministry experience preferred
  • Ability to give constructive feedback and evaluation regularly to help produce quality ministry work while growing ministry leaders’ and volunteers’ interpersonal
  • Submits their life to God and the authority of his Word and model a commitment to developing the character of Christ with a passion for ministry
  • A Christ-like mindset that has demonstrated itself in all facets of life because they have been made new but have not forgotten what it was like to not know Jesus
  • Maintain personal time with God, seeking His direction and prayerfully submitting to His will for your life
  • Pray constantly for the lost and hurting to find life in Christ and for those already in a relationship with Christ to grow deeper in Him

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