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Why I Love This Opportunity

Todd Clark

Senior Associate

The Lead Pastor role at Lakeway Church offers the unique opportunity to live and minister just outside the culture-shaping city of Austin, Texas. The new Lead Pastor will be able to build on a solid foundation of leadership and enjoy a gifted staff and committed congregation.

About This Organization

Lakeway was originally developed in the 1960s as a resort and second home community, and the Lakeway Church was built to provide worship space for Catholics and Protestants. Over time, as the area transitioned from a vacation destination to a thriving suburban community, the Catholics built a neighboring church, and the Lakeway Church became an ecumenical congregation with its own pastor and staff.

Our current pastor, Larry Coulter, came ten years ago, and during that time, we have experienced significant growth in visitors, new members, and church staff and ministries. In 2020, we moved into a new sanctuary, a major asset in accommodating our growth and outreach to the community. Due to the dynamic demographics in the Lakeway area, we offer a traditional worship service and a contemporary worship service every Sunday morning.

Position Description

The Lead Pastor will provide Christian leadership to advance the purpose and mission of Lakeway Church. They will serve as a permanent member of the Elder Board while enabling and empowering staff members. As the congregation devotes their lives to Christ, the Lead Pastor equips and encourages their daily walk. They will direct the operational functions and oversee the faithful stewardship of all Lakeway Church resources.


Key Responsibilities:

Who the Candidate is:

  • Spiritual – Passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, believing the Bible in totality is the true Word of God. Diligent in prayer life and led by the Spirit to advance the kingdom of God.
  • Integrity -Exemplifies a Godly character, adhering to moral and ethical principles. They are transparent in their communication and follow through with commitments (“let your yes be yes and no, no.” Matt. 5:37).
  • Leadership: A Humble visionary who inspires the church staff, congregation, and community to worship, grow, and serve in Jesus’s footsteps.
  • Teaching – Scripture-based communicator proficient in telling stories while inspiring further discernment and study.
  • Relational – People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. To lead others into a relationship with Christ, you must first build a relationship with them.
  • Culture – Authentic and collaborative; able to connect multi-generationally and promote unity through grace.
  • Compassionate heart for pastoral care and empathetic understanding and support for church members in need.

What the Candidate will do:

  • Servant leader, teaching, training, and equipping the church body
  • Permanent member of the Elder Board collaborating with lay Elder’s on strategic vision, guiding decisions, as they are led by the Spirit
  • Financially responsible
  • Develop the staff to perform effectively and efficiently
  • Actively support the mission ministries of Lakeway Church coupled with collaborating with the Greater Austin faith community
  • Leverages the community culture to advance the mission of the church


What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

What the candidate has done:

  • 5+ years high-level church leadership experience (900+ weekend attendance)
  • Exemplary leadership skills with a commitment to setting clear expectations, empowering and developing staff and volunteers, and creating a collaborative, team-oriented working culture.
  • Lifelong learner: Master-level degree (Doctorate preferred) from an accredited seminary or divinity school.
  • Ability to successfully work with diverse, multi-generational, traditional/contemporary style congregations and adapt to various ministry contexts.
  • Proven experience teaching and effectively communicating biblical truths to inspire worship, growth, and service.
  • Committed to lay Elder Board governance.
  • Demonstrated competency to oversee multiple priorities and projects, resolve complex issues, and work effectively under pressure.


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