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Lead Minister



Why I Love This Opportunity

Keith Twigg

Senior Associate

For over 50 years, Westerville Christian Church has faithfully connected people to Jesus and His mission. In this season of succession and transition, Westerville CC is a healthy church with a healthy staff, and they are excited for their next Lead Minister to join their team and family and lead them into the future!

About This Organization

Westerville Christian Church began planning home meetings in 1968 as the Westerville Church of Christ, part of the American Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. The first Sunday worship service was held on October 13, 1968, at the Westerville Jaycee swimming pool, with 59 in attendance. The charter membership roll was closed in February 1969 with 54 members. At that time, the City of Westerville’s population was about 7,500, now almost 40,000. In March 1974, the first worship service was held in the new church building at 471 East College Avenue, with 293 in attendance.

In April 1993, the congregation’s name was changed to the Westerville Christian Church to avoid being confused with the United Church of Christ. In the 55 years of the church’s history, they have had 6 Lead Ministers — their current Lead has served faithfully for the past 25+ years. They have an in-person weekly attendance of approximately 850 with two services and a continued significant online presence. Online services have become the new “front door” for Westerville CC, and they will continue to employ that strategy in reaching their community.

As Westerville looks to the future, they are excited at the potential God has placed in front of them to continue to reach their community and beyond for Jesus!

Position Description

The Lead Minister will be the primary Servant-Leader of the Westerville CC family. He will work in partnership with the elders and executive staff to prayerfully develop and achieve God’s vision for the church across each season. The Lead Minister will be the primary Bible teacher for the church and will also be primarily responsible for the spiritual & emotional well-being of the staff team.

Key Responsibilities:

Leadership (50%)

  • Servant Leader
  • Work with leadership to define a vision for the church and be able to explain said vision to the staff and the congregation.
  • Approachable
  • Create a team-focused environment
  • Able to take feedback and respond appropriately to conflict
  • Accountable

Preaching/Teaching (35%)

  • Foundation based on sound doctrine and scripture. Read from the Bible weekly and always reference the Bible during the message.
  • Story Telling: Be relatable to all generations while preaching. Provide a “so what?” application for the congregation.

Care (15%)

  • Staff Soul Care
  • Weddings, funerals, prison, and hospital visits as necessary

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Multi-generational ministry focus, with a special emphasis on families
  • Story-teller with practical life-application
  • Connected to the local community to reflect Jesus, especially in marginalized demographics
  • Restoration Church background
  • 4-year Bible degree minimum, seminary degree preferred
  • 5 years minimum experience, 10 years preferred, with a minimum of 3 years experience at a church of comparable or greater size as/than WCC

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