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Why I Love This Opportunity

Keith Twigg

Senior Associate

The Lead Pastor role at Lakeside Church in Folsom is a premier opportunity for a pastor who loves to lead, reach a community, and walk in authentic relationships with staff & leadership. Their mission, their team, and their facilities are all primed to take even more ground for the gospel, and the right candidate will have the time of their life in this role!

About This Organization

Lakeside Church began when Pastor Brad Franklin and his wife, Donna, moved to Folsom, CA, in 1987. The church had a unique start, launching through a telemarketing program. Brad and Donna and a team of their family and friends made over 5,000 phone calls during the summer of 1987 to invite Folsom residents to this new church. The calls resulted in 500 families requesting more information, and 55 people attended the first Lakeside gathering on September 27, 1987.

The goal was to reach people not involved in the church rather than to take people from existing local churches. That desire to reach people far from God has been the pursuit of Lakeside since its beginnings.

In the last few years, Lakeside has encountered some challenges but has come through them healthier, yet smaller. In 2022, the church experienced steady growth again and is back to a weekly attendance of nearly 1,000. Still, through all of its years, the mission remains the same – to transform as many people as possible into followers of Jesus.

Position Description

The Lead Pastor is both the primary teacher and leader of Lakeside Church, leading and serving with Lakeside’s Lead Team. These leaders share responsibility for creating and casting the vision of Lakeside, leading the church toward fulfilling its goals, and managing its ministries. Specific responsibilities of the Lead Pastor are carried out within the context of this shared leadership.

The Lead Pastor is responsible for the church’s health and stability, organizational direction, and administrative oversight. The Lead Pastor collaborates with the Lead Team to lead Lakeside to understand, reflect, and live out the redemptive story of God.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Storytelling – Create the vision and deliver a transformational preaching ministry that upholds the mission of the church. Craft messages and series that blend relatable, relevant topics; translate biblical principles in practical ways; and draw the church collectively and individually into a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • Long-Term Vision – Use the identity of Lakeside—its size, demographics, and mission—to cast a faith-based vision for God’s plan for the church’s next 5, 10, and 20 years while anticipating opportunities for growth and barriers that could hinder progress. Share that vision with the elders, the staff, and the church in a way that creates excitement and enthusiasm for God’s plan, and then humbly lead to do the work in order to bring about that vision for God’s glory.
  • Effective Communication – Lead, share Scripture, and convey a vision in a clear, loving, encouraging, and energizing manner. Be able to tell everyone, “this is why,” compelling the church with the mission of Lakeside and reminding them why the mission is the mission. Communicate with clarity at a high level (the vision) and a detailed level, explaining how to get there and what the next steps are (the work). Unlock people’s potential to lead, learn, and love.
  • Scalable Connection – Enjoy connecting with people both one-on-one and in front of the church. Engage with all the different segments of the congregation, the staff, and the Lead Team. Navigate relationships with individuals who come from a wide spectrum of perspectives.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • The person who serves in the role of Lead Pastor of Lakeside Church is a leader.
  • Lakeside believes character matters, especially in its leaders. Those who lead in the church are called to live exemplary lives, modeling the behaviors of the kingdom of God (1 Timothy 3:1-7).
  • Lakeside staff members are expected to live by the teachings of the Scriptures, including confession and humility, when they fall short.
  • The church expects its leaders to practice the Lakeside Playbook, give generously and faithfully to the church, and actively grow in their faith.
Salary Range:

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