Kearney eFree Church

Executive Pastor



Why I Love This Opportunity

Mark (Monte) Montemayor


There is a definite air of excitement about the future at Kearney E-Free Church. The staff culture is very life-giving and healthy. The elders, staff, and ministry leaders are unified in mission and purpose, and the church is debt free and well positioned financially. I am excited to help Kearney find their next executive pastor so that it can continue helping people who are struggling and sharing the truth in a loving and compassionate way. This is a great opportunity for a leader to grow spiritually and professionally while developing others and implementing the vision.

About This Organization

Kearney eFree has 100+ years of church history. Originally established by a small group of Swedish women, they have had seasons of peaks and valleys. There was a re-focusing on the cross of Christ where congregants were able to share their hurts by nailing them to the cross. This prompted a rebirth through unification and reconciliation. Christ was firmly established as the sole focus and center of the church.
Currently, the church endeavors to be led by the Spirit in all things and is in a season of growth with a focus on depth over breadth. Life Groups are a core component of the ministry of Kearney eFree. God created people to be connected, and Life Groups are a place where people come to know others and are themselves known. Spiritually, emotionally, financially, and directionally leadership and vision are healthy. The church is in the strongest position it has been in for about 30 years.

Position Description

The Executive Pastor’s role is to reflect the heart of the Lead Pastor. He is the Lead Pastor’s chief representative, main confidant, most reliable associate, and chief implementation officer. He will strategically guide eFree staff towards healthy evaluation and goal setting.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Partner with Lead Pastor and Strategic Planning Team to provide an implementation of the Mission, Vision, and Core Values to the staff and church.
  • Bring unity and coordination to the key departments of Communications, Facilities, Finance, Technology, and Staffing.
  • Oversee the hiring, development, and termination of all staff, excluding the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor.
  • Oversee and improve the Internship program and the Ministry Resident program.
  • Responsible for church financial health and management, approving accounts payable, and managing all church salaries and employment.
  • Manage and direct large facility improvements and renovations.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Someone who can build a strong working relationship with Adrian while taking organizational leadership meetings off of his plate and adding value in his place.
  • An individual who will establish relationships, build trust and add value with direct reports as well as the broader leadership team.
  • Someone gifted with strategic clarity who can help the team to define how to best strategically pursue the next season’s ministry priorities.

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