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Lead Pastor



Why I Love This Opportunity

Keith Twigg

Senior Associate

Great Lakes Church is in a season of significant opportunity at every ministry level. The Lead Pastor will inherit a growing church, a dedicated staff team, and the resources to take ground for Jesus!

About This Organization

In the fall of 2008, a group of people met in a living room with some friends and family to discuss the idea of starting a church in Kenosha, WI. It wasn’t because the area lacked churches but because nearly 70% of people were not currently connected to a church family. The Kenosha area needed a different kind of church that would be laser-focused on removing the barriers that sometimes deter those far from God.

In February of 2009, Great Lakes Church was officially launched. They created a website, started a Facebook page, found a place to meet on Sundays, and just went for it. They weren’t always sure what they were doing (and sometimes still aren’t), but they knew that God had placed this dream inside of them.

Over the years, the GLC has become clear: to saturate their homes, neighborhoods, and communities with the good news of Jesus!

Today, Great Lakes Church owns more than 20 acres in Kenosha and plans to build a permanent facility in the next few years. There are 2,500 people who call Great Lakes their church home, with over 1,200 attending each weekend – and they are only just beginning!

Position Description

The Lead Pastor provides vision, direction, and leadership to Great Lakes Church at every level. The Lead Pastor will be the primary preaching voice of the church, leading and loving people toward all God has for them.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Board of Directors in determining a 1/3/5-year vision
  • Accelerate generosity by articulating financial priorities, working within the boundaries of the annual budget
  • Teach the Bible in creative ways
  • Create an annual teaching calendar around the 5 G’s
  • Build a team of communicators
  • Resource, coach, and infuse vision into staff members
  • Care for the church body and our community
  • Celebrate and recognize staff members

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Authenticity – Wears all thoughts & feelings on their sleeve(transparent).
  • Lost-focused – Leading & communicating in a relatable, accessible, humorous, non-religious way
  • Experience – Previous Lead Pastor experience preferred for a church of 500+, if not have at least three years of executive-level experience at a church of at least 1,000, with regular teaching reps.
  • Education – Minimum bachelor’s or equivalent experience

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