Grace Presbyterian Church

Family/Youth Pastor



Why I Love This Opportunity

Christine Kreisher


I love this opportunity because it is a terrific church in a wonderful area with almost limitless potential to reach people with the Gospel. The church has been attracting young families like crazy, and there are thousands of students right in the neighborhood that aren’t currently being reached by any other ministry. Someone who can understand the culture of the North Shore of Chicago and do ministry with a missional mindset will thrive here.

About This Organization

Grace Presbyterian {PCA} Church was founded in 2001 and experienced a few ups and downs under the first two senior pastors. The current pastor, Marshall Brown, was called in 2014 and has brought a clear vision and excellent leadership to the church over the last eight years. In 2017, they elected their first-ever board of elders and in 2019 rounded out their staff with a few key pastoral roles.

In the years since Grace Presbyterian has continued to grow as they seek to change the landscape of the North Shore with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The primary demographic of the church has been skewing younger and is now hovering around people in their late 30s, causing the church to see an increase in young families. Grace is convinced the best days are still ahead as they continue to reach their community and let that influence spread.

Position Description

Our mission at Grace is to welcome our neighbors to grow together in Christ and serve God in our community and world. To this end, the purpose of the family/youth director is to: 1) reach young people with the good news of Christ, 2) connect them with others in our church community to help them grow in their faith, and 3) encourage them to live out Christ’s mission by helping them discover how they can serve and honor God with their lives.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide oversight to Family Ministries (birth-high school) while playing a hands-on role as the Student Pastor/Director.
  • Recruit, engage, equip, communicate with, and train youth staff, interns, volunteers, and parents who serve the youth of Grace Presbyterian.
  • Build personal relationships with youth and their families, and serve as a counselor when needed.
  • Oversee, lead, train, equip, encourage, and review the Family Ministry staff.
  • Keep the vision on track while managing and reviewing staff in line with agreed-upon annual goals.
  • Oversee the development, supervision, and direction of Grace’s communicant program, BELIEVE.
  • Oversee recruitment of volunteers and all compliance/control documents in a timely manner, including background checks for volunteers and staff.
  • Oversee the Family Ministry budget.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Our preference is for the candidate to have an MDiv and be ordained or ordainable within the PCA. However, we are open to candidates with an undergraduate degree in ministry who have 3+ years of youth ministry experience.
  • Cultivate his/her own spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical health.
  • Nurture relationships with his/her spouse and family (if applicable).
  • Nurture relationships/friendships/community with others.

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