Grace Place

Youth Pastor

Berthoud, Colorado

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Grace Place Church is all about reaching new families. GP is located in beautiful Berthoud, CO. The Youth Pastor will carry on a long legacy of community impact and strong student ministries. Over 100 students call Grace Place Youth home and over 400 students attend community outreach events. This is a great time to join the team at GP as they continue to transform their community.

    About This Organization

    Grace Place is a regional congregation with people coming to gather from cities surrounding beautiful Berthoud, Colorado. What started as a dream of lead pastor Clay Peck to plant a gospel-centered, creative, contemporary congregation which would reach out to the burned, bored, and bypassed, became a reality in 1996 with its first public worship service in a local high school. They quickly grew in numbers and consequently needed a home base to house their seven-day-a-week ministry that builds bridges to the community through creative endeavors such as The Trailhead Cafe and many other missionary-minded programs. Grace Place is clearly defined by the importance of keeping the gospel of grace the main thing and living out that grace in the community and neighborhoods surrounding them.

    Their basic beliefs are centered on Christ and His message as found in and supported by the clearest passages of Scripture. More obscure doctrines or teachings with less support are left to individuals to sort out on their own; they take no official position in these areas. In essential beliefs they have UNITY. In non-essential beliefs they have LIBERTY. In all beliefs they have CHARITY.

    Position Description

    The primary role of the Youth Pastor is to introduce young people to Christ, disciple them in spiritual growth, and equip them to serve Christ. The Youth Pastor also equips parents/guardians to disciple their children. The Youth Pastor is responsible for providing planning, promoting, and coordinating assistance and direction for all education and activities for grades six through twelve.

    Grace Place is a place where grace is given freely to all. Both adults and students can “belong before they believe.” The Youth Pastor will need to continue the community-minded ministry approach as Grace Place Youth continues to grow in both size and influence.

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