Friends of the Great Commission

Operations Director


Why I Love This Opportunity

The Operations Director will be pivotal in developing and expanding services while maintaining stability within FGC. There is room for innovation and a strong foundation to build upon.
This is an excellent opportunity to develop a new position, create your team, and grow a ministry with massive potential to serve ministries globally.

About This Organization

Friends of the Great Commission (FGC) is a registered charity with a team of skilled administrative and accounting personnel dedicated to using their talents and expertise to enable people to follow God’s calling to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

FGC works exclusively with Christian ministries and ministry projects in a dynamic cooperative relationship. Ministries engage in outreach activities and provide personnel on the mission field, while FGC provides essential administrative and accounting expertise. FGC relieves much of the administrative burden all charities must manage, enabling our partners to focus on the ministry work to which God has called them. It is a team effort working towards common charitable goals: the advancement of the Christian faith, the furtherance of education, and the relief of poverty.

Position Description

The new Operations Director is responsible for providing overall direction and execution of the FGC accounting services for US-based FGC ministries. The role is a combination of operational leadership and accounting. The Operations Director will manage outsourced accounting processes while also providing direct accounting/financial management for FGC partners/clients.

The Operations Director preferably works primarily at the FGC offices, Monday through Friday, during business hours, 40+ hours a week. Remote work is possible with the expectation that the Operations Director will spend time in Colorado Springs for initial training, then likely quarterly, if not at least bi-annually thereafter.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Directly reporting to the Executive Director.
  • Able to develop and execute the organization’s strategic plan in your department.
  • Develop, coach, and empower a high-performance team to fulfill the organization’s core Donations and Accounts Payable ideology.
  • Lead and develop an Empowered workplace
  • Provide real-time organizational diagnostics to ensure continual improvement in accounting.
  • Prepare and work with Capin Crouse for our annual audit.
  • Anticipate organizational needs and ensure a highly effective and efficient operation (LEAP Model)
  • Maintain an Environmental Scan of the industry for the latest innovative approaches and best practices in accounting.
  • Assist with the annual report on all facets of the operation, executive summaries of financial, human resources, operations, strategy, business development, client satisfaction, and future development.
  • Ensure best practices, governmental, national, international, regulatory, and occupational policies for donations and accounting.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

The Senior Account would bring diverse leadership core competencies:

  • Financial Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Skills
  • Staff Empowerment
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Cultural Expertise
  • Communication
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovative Thinking

The candidate will understand that the role of finances within all organizations is to serve the vision. As an executive leader, the ability to self-manage and mitigate individual, team, and organizational conflict is a critical success factor.

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