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Director of Church Planting

Fort Wayne,


Why I Love This Opportunity

Janie Mehaffey


Led by the Holy Spirit and rooted in its long history, the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches is experiencing a fresh vitality among its growing number of churches. Leaders are drawn to and want to be a part of FEC’s focus on personal authenticity from a broken spirit … a grace-infused, Christ-intimate, others-valuing, soul-open mindset that displays integrity and soft-hearted commitment to genuine community. The relationships and dynamics of their current team and leadership seem to be the strongest they ever have been.

I’m eager for this new Director of Church Planting to position FEC as a resource for what God is doing in various churches in various places as He establishes reproducing churches worldwide.

About This Organization

With a 150+ year history, the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches has a mission to propagate the Gospel nationally and internationally. Today, more than 70 U.S. churches are carrying out this mission within their local congregations, international ministries, and church planting.

Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the FEC’s organizational structure is bottom-up rather than top-down in terms of direction and control. Its churches operate as the centerpiece of ministry initiatives.

FEC has a renewed commitment to church planting in North America as a value for every participating church, with a mantra of “Establishing Reproducing Churches Worldwide.” As a result, the number of FEC churches has more than doubled in the past six years. FEC is poised to expand church planting through Synergy networks: clusters of FEC churches geographically connected and working together to recruit, train, and support church planting efforts. FEC facilitates its own church planter assessment, training, and coaching through its church planting wing/brand, the Synergy Church Planting Network.

The organization is in a season of placing special emphasis on addressing the authentic health of leaders, pouring significant resources into the soul and holistic health of our pastors. FEC is a charter member of the National Association of Evangelicals while being its smallest participating denomination.

“We tend to say that our small network is one of the best-kept secrets in the church planting
world. This new Director can expand the reach of recruiting healthy church planters to establish healthy churches from our platform.” Tom Bennardo, Executive Director, Church Multiplication and Leadership, and author of The Honest Guide to Church Planting.

Position Description

The Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC) seeks a godly, humble, relationship-focused leader who is passionate about raising up and equipping church planters and partnering with churches to establish reproducing new churches.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee implementation of the FEC/Synergy Church Planting Network church multiplication strategic plan, including all aspects of church planter development and church participation in planting endeavors.
  • Oversee the development of church planting networking partnerships, both within (Synergy Networks) and outside the fellowship.
  • Serve as the primary recruiter of potential church planters within and outside FEC.
  • Direct all aspects of FEC’s Church Planter Assessment Center (CPAC) events and Boot Camp planter training.
  • Oversee all aspects of church planter coaching, including content development, recruiting, and training of coaches, and occasionally directly coaching individual planters.
  • Lead shepherding, soul care, and spiritual formation involvements for church planters, individually and collectively.
  • Supervise the Cross-cultural Church Multiplication Coordinator to fulfill FEC’s international and cross-cultural domestic planting endeavors.

Personal Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, pursuing an active lifestyle of personal intimacy with God, biblical holiness, and righteousness privately and publicly.
  • Live an above-reproach life, displaying integrity and faithfulness in marriage, family, social, civic, and financial areas.
  • Display genuine faithfulness to FEC, protecting and enhancing the reputation and unity of the denomination.
  • Attend and serve consistently in an FEC-approved local church as an active and faithful member.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Heart: Someone who reflects a deeply genuine spirit and relational authenticity, a humbled, grace-saturated heart broken by forgiveness and softened by failure. The ideal candidate is marked by confidence without arrogance, honesty without harshness, and servant-heartedness without cynicism.
  • Experience: The ideal candidate will have personally planted a church or churches himself or has been part of a team that has done so. He needs to be one who knows that church planting is the hardest ministry job on earth but who genuinely believes in it and views it with joy and hope.
  • Ministry Philosophy: With the culture undergoing such rapid and constant change both sociologically and spiritually, the ideal candidate will be open to innovative approaches within a variety of church planting models. He will embrace an understanding that specific regions and demographics necessitate distinct models for the most effective gospel outreach and church structures.
  • Professional Strengths: The ideal candidate is a leader of leaders: someone who can convene rooms and command respect, navigating strong and experienced personalities, including long-term lead pastors, church boards, and entrepreneurial young leaders. This person finds great joy in connecting people together to make a Kingdom impact and not getting any credit for making it happen.
  • Proximity: Please note this is a hybrid role, requiring the Director to meet with the FEC team in the Fort Wayne, IN, office periodically each month, especially during the first year. Additional travel will also be needed.

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