Family Church

Youth Pastor

West Monroe,


Why I Love This Opportunity

Eric Voris


I love the people at Family Church, and I’m sure you will too! The opportunity here for a Youth Minister with a real passion to disciple students (not just build a crowd) is enormous. The public schools in the area are wide open to pastors, and the private Christian school on the church campus is excited to partner with the Youth Minister to build relationships and disciple students.

About This Organization

Family Church is a dynamic community of believers that embraces its mission and vision to “Pursue God, Make Disciples, and Strengthen Families.” They believe that a vibrant, Holy Spirit-led relationship with Jesus Christ develops as a person pursues God. As this happens, they aspire to lead people toward Biblical maturity and becoming fully-devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

While Family Church (like many churches) has been through a tough time the last few years, they are building out of that season with a renewed commitment to making disciples who make disciples. Today, the church is healthy and growing, financially strong, and enjoys a renewed sense of unity and vision. They have beautiful facilities that span ample acreage and remain entirely free of debt. The average church member is 35 years old. All of these things position the church for years of fruitful ministry into the future.

Position Description

Family Church is searching for a youth minister who is incredibly passionate about making disciples of middle school and high school students. This leader must embrace a leadership style that is highly collaborative and focuses not only on teenagers having a vision for where they are, but where they are going as followers of Jesus. A holistic, family approach that sees the benefit of discipling and resourcing parents as the primary influence in the teenagers’ life is imperative. The future youth minister of Family Church must have experience in leading volunteers and be open to innovative and creative ways of both discipleship and evangelism of young people. This person must also be excited about being held accountable, receiving feedback, setting goals, and having a love for preaching/teaching God’s Word with clarity and responsibility.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Partner with parents to see them become the spiritual hero to their children while their homes become the equipping center of their children’s spiritual journey.
  • Quality youth services, groups, and events designed to help achieve the vision of Family Church.
  • Develop a ministry team to build, strengthen, and serve every youth and family with youth in our youth ministry.
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships within the church staff, and serve according to the accepted staff standards of Family Church.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • A strong and growing personal commitment to Jesus.
  • Strong interest and belief in the value of the family and Christian training for youth.
  • Teaching, organizational, creative, and administrative skills.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills—a “people” person.
  • Ability to enable and empower others to carry out the work of the ministry and be supportive of their efforts.
  • Self-starter—able to motivate oneself to carry on sometimes difficult or thankless tasks.

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