Center Grove Church

Executive Pastor


North Carolina

Why I Love This Opportunity

Chesed Berry


Center Grove Church is uniquely poised and gifted to minister to the people of Clemmons and beyond. They possess a solid evangelical conservative biblical footing, quality locations planted in two pocket communities, and a multi-talented, passionate, young team of leaders. This opportunity is such a great chance for a strong relational and strategic leader to join a healthy team and lead alongside the Senior Pastor. With a high value on gospel-centered teaching, high-quality modern worship experiences, discipleship training, and next-gen ministries, Center Grove is seeing God bring steady growth as they work to bring gospel-centered gatherings to new neighborhoods in the suburbs of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

About This Organization

Center Grove Church is over 100 years old and was a small rural congregation for most of its history. When Lead Pastor Steve Corts came on in 2006, he was up for the challenge of rebuilding the congregation. The church has experienced significant change in its philosophy of ministry, worship style, demographics, facilities, and organizational structure. It has been growing and healthy for 18 years and has an average weekly attendance of 1100 souls. Dr. Corts’ vision is to create multiple Center Grove congregations across the region in response to the marked decline in gospel-bearing churches. Under his leadership, Center Grove has a clear, specific, and growing focus on discipleship, training, and mentoring at all levels of ministry.

Center Grove is theologically and socially conservative and consciously so. At the same time, the church uses and adopts modern methods and fully uses technology for ministry. Center Grove is a multi-generational, regional church with a clear sense of mission, purpose, vision, and values. This gifted team strives to be an attractive AND missional church and is doing a great job!

MISSION: To make disciples & change the world.

VISION: To see ordinary people and families find extraordinary life in Jesus together.

We treasure the person, character, work & reputation of Jesus.
We treasure people.
We treasure the joy that life in the Spirit brings.
We treasure generosity.

We love, grow, serve, and share. We love God in worship, grow together in small groups, serve the needs of others, and share the Good News about Jesus.

At Center Grove, they like to say:
We live best when we love Jesus most.
We grow best when we grow together.
We look most like Jesus when we serve the needs of others.
We love most like Jesus when we share the Good News.
We do everything to show the glory (the majesty, beauty, and worth) of God in His great Son, Jesus.

Position Description

At Center Grove Church, the Executive Pastor serves on the Leadership Team and is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations, championing the relationship between the Senior Pastor and the staff, and charting the course to implement the vision of the church. The Executive Pastor reports to the Lead Pastor and will strive to implement and ensure that the mission, vision, values & strategies of the church are carried out in the life of the church. The Executive Pastor has management responsibility for key ministry staff and is responsible for the ongoing operations of key ministry areas.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Effective staff management and the ability to lead ministry teams effectively
  • Develop, implement & manage systems and processes that move the church forward in effectively meeting the mission, vision, values & strategies of the church
  • Effectively monitor the goals and objectives of assigned staff to ensure that projects and ministry are moving forward according to agreed-upon goals
  • Serve as a support to the Lead Pastor in strategic planning and long-range ministry planning
  • Develop and manage leadership development processes and systems designed to equip the congregation in doing the ministry of the church
  • Model Biblical priorities to the staff and congregation in areas of Godly character, convictions & spiritual growth
  • Serve as a resource for the Lead Pastor by consistently thinking ahead, foreseeing problems that could hinder the health of the congregation, and finding potential solutions
  • Assess needs and provide training & development opportunities for ministry staff, which furthers the effectiveness of the ministry area
  • Preach and teach as required by the Lead Pastor


What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Have a growing and healthy walk with God as evidenced by a robust daily devotional life, a commitment to pure and healthy relationships, a healthy marriage, a commitment to tithing 10% of gross income to the church, and the ability to set healthy boundaries
  • Be a strong communicator and have the ability to communicate effectively in writing & orally
  • Be loyal to the Lead Pastor and supportive of the Lead Pastor’s mission, vision, values & strategies
  • Have the ability to take direction at both a macro and micro level and have the ability to embrace change when needed
  • Be a good and compassionate listener with the ability to communicate truth in love
  • Have the heart and mind of a shepherd
  • Evaluate challenging situations from the perspective of what is the best solution for God’s church & its people, our staff, and for the long-term success of the organization
  • A Graduate Degree from an accredited, theologically-sound seminary
  • 7+ years of progressive ministry experience showing a proven track record of growing responsibility and effectiveness in ministry

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