Holistic Haitian Alliance

Executive Director



Why I Love This Opportunity

Mark (Monte) Montemayor


Over the past 15 years, the Holistic Haitian Alliance has grown phenomenally. This is an opportunity to join a collaborative and caring team while continuing to drive towards further growth. This person will work closely with the founder to develop the ongoing strategic approach to fundraising, expanding the donor base and engagement, and developing the mission work in Haiti. This is a great opportunity to partner with the founder to lead a new phase of rebranding the US ministry and refocusing the mission strategy in Haiti.

About This Organization

Debbie Harvey has led the Holistic Haitian Alliance since its founding in 2008. It is a nonprofit that is run as a good business. God is the leader. Every meeting is opened with prayer, and weekly team meetings start with prayer and devotion.
Debbie’s approach is to first look to the Lord for guidance. Communication is open and people are expected to do their job, do it the best they can and get it done on time. Leadership is constantly developing, always researching and learning better ways to do things. Debbie likes the team to have fun, pray, laugh, cry AND do their best.

Position Description

Duties for the HHA Executive Director will include managing the organization’s assets, providing leadership to staff and volunteers, improving staff performance levels, over-seeing and streamlining daily operations, establishing annual goals, advising and updating the board of directors on organizational activities and goals, optimizing financial operations, ensuring tax compliance, and executing on special projects. This position requires a self-driven and highly competent executive to lead and influence our organization toward favorable growth and to design and direct strategies that support and deliver on our organizational mission and goals.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring all HHA’s stakeholders’ plans and actions are always focused on our Mission first, as well as consistently promoting the Mission and goals while maintaining positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Hosting weekly 1:1’s with all direct reports conducting annual performance reviews with all staff, and ensuring all job descriptions are updated and current
  • Drafting organizational policies and philosophies and providing leadership to all staff and volunteers
  • Managing all company assets, optimizing financial operations, maintaining strong financial practices, and working with staff and vendors to ensure such
  • Working with the President & COB to establish, track, and achieve our annual operational goals
  • Ensuring all tax compliance requirements are met as well as reviewing industry “Best Practices” and identifying KPI’s to track and measure to ensure HHA is consistently at or above “industry best” benchmarks that are relevant to our stakeholders
  • Updating/advising the Board of Directors on organizational activities and streamlining all daily/weekly organization operations
  • Defining goals, measuring, tracking, and developing staff to improve their skills and performance


What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

The Executive Director should be …

  • Consistent: Over 50% of nonprofit organizations and missionaries have left Haiti since 2018 because of the instability, lack of security, corruption, gang violence, etc. Holistic Haitian Alliance has a “Green Rating” with the Haitian government, which is a remarkable accomplishment.
  • Growth-minded: The Holistic Haitian Alliance is poised to grow and expand beyond its original vision. A high-capacity leader is needed to propel the team into the next season of growth and opportunity.
  • Strategic: A country-wide initiative for family strengthening is being launched. It will feature a $1.1M high school. Seizing opportunities for impact like this requires a more diverse donor base. Leadership with a strategic mind and experience in working with developing countries and nonprofits will help achieve the purpose God has laid out for the Holistic Haitian Alliance.


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