Discover Church

Associate Pastor

Kansas City,


Why I Love This Opportunity

Ernest Smith


I am so excited about the Associate Pastor role at Discover Church because they are a growing, vibrant, young church that has a mission to reach Kansas City and beyond. This position will have the opportunity to not only lead and develop staff and high-level Dream Team members, but they will have the chance to work alongside the Lead Pastor, Jernigan, to dream, plan and execute a vision to be a multiplying church. This is a great opportunity for any leader who wants a chance at developing people, creating and managing systems, and multiplying a church.

About This Organization

Discover Church is four years old, and not only have they survived the pandemic, but they are thriving and growing. Its mission is to help people discover life in Christ, discover belonging in community, and discover purpose in calling in order to make a difference. This is a young, vibrant church in the Northland area of Kansas City.

Position Description

The Associate Pastor at Discover will have the unique opportunity to work alongside the Lead Pastor to help create and build culture, vision, and direction for the church. Since coming out of Covid, Discover has been growing and expanding. Not only is there a need to build and establish proper systems to help each ministry grow and to reach more people, but Discover is looking to go multi-site in the next 1-2 years. The Associate Pastor will be instrumental in expanding the systems and processes of the church, leading to greater growth and the ability to reach more people.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Lead Pastor to shape the culture of the staff, Dream Team, and members of Discover Church.
  • Recruit, develop, and grow an excellent Dream Team through all ministry areas within the church.
  • Build a healthy small group model and raise up leaders and coaches to execute that model.
  • Build systems and processes that can be replicated into multiple services and future campuses.
  • Assist in creating and oversight of the budget, including ways to raise funds, oversight of current and future campaigns, and building systems to assist in communicating to givers.
    -Work with the Lead Pastor to establish the “Central” philosophy of Discover, building out the model and system to launch healthy campuses, as well as a system for developing future campus pastors and staff.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • The candidate has a track record of building great volunteer teams.
  • Ability to develop leaders and lead a ministry at a high level.
  • A shepherd of people.
  • The ability to give and receive constructive feedback regularly helps improve the team and the church.

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