Creekside Community Church

Student Ministries Director



Why I Love This Opportunity

Ryan Latham


I love this role because Creekside is passionate about seeing the community of Gainsville love God, grow in Christ, and reach its neighbors. Creekside has a solid and sold-out staff and congregation ready to welcome a new leader to the team. This is an excellent opportunity to refresh a student ministry that has had a great history of making a lasting impact on students’ lives.


About This Organization

Creekside Community Church is a family of growing disciples pursuing wholeness and influence through intimacy with Jesus Christ. For over 50 years, Creekside has faithfully proclaimed God’s Word, with Jesus at the center. They have invited people to be part of the Creekside family by connecting them to hospitable spaces on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. They strive as a church community to be a faithful presence in Gainesville, connecting faith to good work through Jesus Christ and serving the vulnerable locally and globally.
Creekside is located on 10 acres and can seat 500+ people in the worship center. The church is located in Gainesville, home to the University of Florida. The church partners with several outreach organizations in town, including Cru, the Christian Study Center, Glen Springs Elementary School, and Gainesville Community Ministry. They enjoy two long-term global sister church relationships (Budapest, Hungary, and Baraderes, Haiti), and support missionaries across the globe. Ten years ago, they had the joy of partnering across denominational lines to plant a church in downtown Gainesville that continues to thrive.

Position Description

Creekside is looking to hire a candidate who will support the mission of the Creekside by directing our ministry to middle and high school students. The student ministries director will:
support the mission and cultural values of Creekside Community Church
lead the church’s effort to shepherd students 6th-12th grades.
develop and execute a ministry plan, including “onboarding” for late-elementary kids.
develop and execute a Bible teaching plan.
recruit, develop, and equip volunteer youth leaders.
work closely with pastoral staff to connect students to the life of the church.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The successful applicant will…be primarily concerned with his own intimate walk with Christ.
  • Possess and pursue the character qualifications of a deacon (1 Timothy 3:8-13).
  • Embrace Creekside Community Church’s doctrine, mission, and philosophy.
  • Demonstrate the ability to connect relationally with students in middle and high school.
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach the Word in a way middle and high school students can understand.
  • Be creative and self-motivated.
  • Be strong in administration.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • LONGEVITY – This role offers an amazing opportunity to create lasting connections with students, families, and volunteers.
  • REFRESH – Following a year without a leader, the ministry is in a position that needs new energy and excitement.
  • GOSPEL-CENTERED – It will be vital that this new leader is passionate and knowledgeable about scripture.
  • INTERGENERATIONAL – It will be important that this new leader is familiar with designing a ministry that embraces Creekside’s intergenerational values.

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