Central Congregational Church

Senior Minister


Rhode Island

Why I Love This Opportunity

Mike Goldsworthy


Central Congregational has been an influential and trailblazing UCC congregation in the northeast. The next Senior Minister has the opportunity to build upon a committed and financially strong congregation to envision its next season of ministry. This is a great opportunity for a strategic visionary who is able to lean into and appreciate the rich history of a storied congregation, and who will want to put down roots for a long tenure in Providence.

About This Organization

Central Congregational Church, a member of the United Church of Christ, was established in 1852. An Open and Affirming Global Mission Church, Central is open to all regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental facility, economic circumstance, or physical condition. Central strives to be a community of God’s people in a way that calls each of us to active discipleship through worship, caring, sharing, and outreach.

Central has been known for its thoughtful and timely sermons that inspire members long after they have left the Worship Service. Sermons that are able to thread the needle on issues surrounding politics, emphasizing our commonalities as Christians rather than our differences, have been an important part of how the church has maintained its membership and influence.

The church has emerged from the pandemic in solid financial shape, with a balanced budget and a strong endowment, with 535 members, of whom around 300 are active. The people who attend Central are generally well-educated professionals who are civically engaged. The church does draw from a wide geographic area beyond Providence, including parts of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Position Description

Central is seeking a new Senior Minister who can lead as a hands-on administrator and transformational leader. The ideal candidate should have a track record of successfully implementing change while maintaining a strong focus on the needs of the congregation.

They should possess excellent communication skills and the ability to build consensus among members while providing direction and guidance to staff and volunteers. The successful candidate will be able to articulate a clear vision for Central’s future and inspire others to work towards that vision.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the primary communicator both to the church as well as the representative of the church to the community.
  • Crafting a strategic vision that is inclusive of all members while being proactive in identifying and addressing the unique needs of diverse groups within the congregation.
  • Revitalizing the church’s youth and Religious Education programs
  • Expanding membership and reconnecting with existing members who have drifted away due to cultural challenges to mainline Protestantism.
  • Work closely with staff and lay leadership of key committees – Deacons, Prudential, Membership, Mission, and Action – to ensure cohesion of communication and vision.
  • Pastoral availability for both expected and unexpected needs within the congregation

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Effective, thoughtful, and challenging communicator – both from the pulpit and in written form.
  • Experience in a similar-sized or larger church than Central
  • A strong and decisive leader that is able to work through consensus building
  • A track record of living in the tension of envisioning the future of the church with new ideas while also valuing established tradition
  • Has earned an MDiv or greater degree.
  • Demonstrated ability to connect with an educated and civically engaged congregation

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