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Why I Love This Opportunity

Keith Twigg

Senior Associate

Since World War II, C3 Church has been helping people in the Tri-Cities area find new and growing relationships with Jesus. Over the last decade and a half, God has blessed these efforts beyond all imagination, and even still, it is obvious the best is yet to come. The right Lead Pastor will join a team and ministry that is up and to the right and ready for even more!

About This Organization

C3 is associated with the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. C3’s formal name is Columbia Community Church. C3 started as a church plant in a school in Richland in the 1940s during the World War 2 effort and quick expansion of the area producing the top-secret fission material required for the nuclear bomb dropped on Japan. This means the Tri-Cities is a highly driven science and tech community.

C3 exists to make new and growing followers of Jesus Christ. Innovation and Evangelism are in C3’s DNA. Soon after planting and doing setup & tear down in a school, they found their first permanent location in Kennewick, WA, where the founders experimented with a drive-in church like a drive-in theatre and began the “come as you are” approach with the desire to attract men as heads of household who would normally resist church in formal contexts. The church steadied, purchased the current property, and maxed out in 2005 with a weekly attendance of approximately 400, then retreating to 250 by 2009.

In 2009, Pastor Mark Barker was hired to re-establish C3 and ignite a growth philosophy. C3 grew to 2800 by 2019 with a notable de-churched and new-believer preaching focus, concentration on hospitality, and efforts in organizational development and measurable systems. Therapeutic and pastoral counseling became an important mission when C3 added Pastor Adam in 2009. Much of the organization was altered and changed from then to now, making C3 what it is today. Post-Covid, and after a 50% reduction in attendance. The leadership team is second to none and fully dedicated to C3’s successful mission. C3 is seeing life change at all levels, with baptisms exceeding their annual goals– including over one hundred fifty in 2023. Every year, new believers start their growth steps at C3. C3 is rapidly growing younger and focusing its attention on discipleship.

Position Description

The Lead Pastor will be the primary communicator and a collaborative catalyst for the vision of the C-3 church. The Lead Pastor will be responsible to the church for leading, preaching/teaching, and caregiving as outlined in the specific responsibilities. They will be a team-oriented, outward-focused leader & communicator who cares desperately for those far from God and far from the church.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preaches most weekend services each year but utilizes a teaching team with other capable pastors who share the stage.
  •  Collaborates with leadership team to develop & execute strategies to accomplish C3’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Partners with the Executive Pastor to love & lead staff.
  • Communicates compelling vision and motivates the church to engage sacrificially in the mission of Jesus.
  • Provides shepherding care to key leaders both inside and outside the church.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Highly effective communicator whose vision casts in a manner that leads the staff and congregation to apply God’s word to their lives.
  • A communication style that engages non-believers in a clear, compelling, understandable manner
  • A style of leadership that values cooperation over conflict
  • Demonstrates genuine love and care while motivating the staff.
  •  A focus on community-wide relationship building with other Lead Pastors in the Tri-Cities area
Salary Range:

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